20% of our subscribers have been with us from the very beginning [...] because they can feel our passion

Adventure Chest
California, USA

Subbly is proud to be part of the Adventure Chest journey. The founders embody an old adage few people actually attain: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Learn how the Adventure Chest co-founders are using Subbly to turn their hobby into a thriving business with recurring revenue.

Tell us the name of your company and briefly describe your business and product.

Our company is called Adventure Chest Inc., and our subscription product is an officially licensed Minecraft T-Shirt Club that comes with a new t-shirt and mystery toy every month.

What inspired you to start your business? How did you make it a reality?

We are all avid Minecraft players who wanted to start a business doing something we love. So we came up with a solid business plan, pitched it to Mojang (Minecraft licensor) and we were approved to develop and distribute a Minecraft subscription box. It took us several months to finalize our contract. The unique part of operating a subscription service using licensed IP is that every part of our business, from product to marketing requires approval from our licensor.

Every business is on a mission. What is the Adventure Chest mission?

Our mission is to deliver exciting, unique and collectible Minecraft merchandise to the doors of Minecraft players all over the world.

What accomplishment are you most proud of so far?

I’m really proud that 20% of our subscribers have been with us from the very beginning, back in 2015. I think it’s because they can feel our passion and attention to detail. But I also attribute that success to our ability to market specifically to Minecraft players by advertising at MINECON (the annual Minecraft convention). Another significant moment for us was when Mojang (Minecraft licensor) featured us in their game launcher.

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How did you get your first customers and how long did it take?

We announced our subscription at MINECON, London in mid 2015 and started shipping early 2016. We had a booth that looked like a giant Minecraft chest from the game. Inside was a photo op as well as a guided story of how Mine Chest came to be. As attendees left our booth, they were handed a free golden cube-shaped balloon as a takeaway as well as a collectible card with a one of a kind redemption code they could use to sign up to our service before anyone else. We launched with around 5000 subscribers.

Why is it necessary for you to have a subscription billing model and not just one-time purchases?

The subscription model works particularly well for our product because there is already a huge Minecraft community. Through our subscription, we have developed our own community who share their experiences on YouTube and social media. Unboxing videos are very popular so we always send as much free product to influencers as we can. We've always made it a priority to develop and maintain relationships with the Minecraft community of Youtubers and we feel it has a positive effect on our business.

What made you decide on Subbly to support your business instead of something else?

We had tried a few other platforms in the past, but what Subbly brought to the table, was incredible support (Thanks, Andrija!), and a really hands-on approach with migrating our customers over for free. They walked us through the whole transition and have been quick to respond when we needed help.

What is your advice for someone who is just starting a subscription business?

Patience. It takes time to collect data and to begin to understand your key metrics and what product assortments work best.

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