We wanted to create a more affordable option for consumers by taking advantage of the latest technology and social media, and by disrupting the conventional approach our competitors take.

Cannington, Canada

We are so very proud to have Purrplan using Subbly to power their business! Through providing health care services to Canadian cat owners, this company is definitely a brilliant example of how recurring subscription model can be applied to any business at any point.

Tell us the name of your company and briefly describe your business and product.

Our company is called Purrplan, we offer veterinary health care service contracts exclusively to cats in Canada. We love cats, and many of our customers and partners are involved with cat rescue centers.

What inspired you to start your business?

We wanted to create a more affordable option for consumers by taking advantage of the latest technology and social media, and by disrupting the conventional approach our competitors take.

Every business is on a mission. What is your mission as it relates to Purrplan?

Our business model includes support for charities involved directly with helping cats and specifically creating recurring income they can rely on to aid their efforts. This can help them spend less time raising funds.  Every subscriber gets to choose a partner charity to receive a monthly donation.

What accomplishment are you most proud of so far?

We view the business as a community of like minded cat owners who help each other deal with unexpected costs incurred by the health issues of their beloved pets. Every time we pay a claim we feel accomplished and, when the feedback tells us customers could not have paid the bill themselves, it really makes us feel awesome because we know we really helped.

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Every week, Subbly hosts a free webinar to teach budding entrepreneurs and business owners how to create recurring revenue. You’ll learn how to build a subscription ecommerce store from scratch and how to start selling subscriptions with any existing store.

How did you get your first customers and how long did it take?

We take a simple approach to our marketing, Google and Facebook are the only media we pay for, our customers are our greatest allies in spreading the word about Purrplan. Our friends and family were fantastic enough to sign up on the first day, then our first direct customer joined us 10 days after our launch. Now, we’re happy to say new customers come to us every day!

Why is it necessary for you to have a subscription billing model and not just one-time purchases?

We wanted a simple approach that made people feel comfortable. Having to pre-pay for services from a new company can make people nervous, the monthly subscription allows people to opt out any time. Most of our customers are active on social media since we only market through those channels, however the referral aspect of the system does bring us customers who are older and less tech savvy.

What made you decide on Subbly to support your business instead of choosing another platform?

We looked around at possible providers for this service and came across Subbly. They make the entire process easy, we didn’t need to be IT geniuses to use the service. We liked the option to explore the platform during a free trial and discovered the interface was very intuitive, the templates were very flexible to customise, and the price was fantastic!

What is your advice for someone who is just starting a subscription business?

Be patient! Waiting for those first few customers that were not family and friends was a little difficult for us but we have continued to grow ever since. Take the time to research your closest competitors and try to differentiate yourself in some way.  Remember, your web site is your window to the world, so take the time to make it send the right message to your target audience.

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