26 Founders, Angels & VC’s Investing in Subscription Box Companies Now

In 2013 over $300m was invested in subscription e-commerce. If you’re one of the fortunate subscription box businesses currently exploring raising a seed round of funding or even a Series A then you’re in luck. Raising can be a daunting and time consuming task so, the good news is that we’ve partnered with our friends over at Angel list to take some of the work load off your hands and curated a list of 26 recently active investors in the subscription e-commerce space. From Angels to VC’s many of these guys have invested in the recent rounds of leading companies such as BarkBox, Birchbox, Nature box and dollar shave club.

1. Brian Lee

Founder of @Shoedazzle
Invested in: Nature Box
Learn more: https://angel.co/brian-lee-2

2. 500 Startups

500 Startups is a Silicon Valley seed fund & accelerator founded by PayPal & Google alums.
Invested in: Nature Box, Bark Box
Learn more: https://angel.co/500startups

3. Andreessen Horowitz

Helping the greatest tech entrepreneurs build the best tech companies.
Invested in: Dollar Shave Club
Learn more: https://angel.co/andreessen-horowitz

4. Michael Jones

Over $1B in exits – Angel
Invested in: DollarShaveClub
Learn more: https://angel.co/mjones

5. General Catalyst Partners

Entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs
Invested in: Nature Box
Learn more: https://angel.co/general-catalyst-partners

6. First Round Capital

We’re obsessed with helping our entrepreneurs succeed.
Invested in: Foodzie
Learn more: https://angel.co/first-round-capital

7. David Cohen

Founder/CEO of @Techstars.
Invested in: Foodzie
Learn more: https://angel.co/davidcohen

8. Dave McClure

Founding Partner @500 Startups
Invested in: Barkbox
Learn more: https://angel.co/davemcclure

9. Paul Singh

Founder of @Disruption Corporation & Crystal Tech Fund
Invested in: Craft Coffee, Manpacks
Learn more: https://angel.co/paulsingh

10. Thomas Korte

Founder of @AngelPad, [email protected] Product Manager, Startup Advisor, Angel
Investor Invested in: Boxbee
Learn more: https://angel.co/thomask

11. Felix Shpilman

Partner at @Start Fund
Invested in: Zero Cater
Learn more: https://angel.co/nxrfelix

12. Jeff Clavier

Managing Partner at @SoftTech VC
Invested in: Foodzie
Learn more: https://angel.co/jeff

13. Jim Mandelman

Co-founder of @rincon-venture-partners.
Invested in: Tradesy
Learn more: https://angel.co/jimandelman

14. Seth Berman

Investor – GP at Susa Ventures,
Invested in: KiwiCrate
Learn more: https://angel.co/seth-berman

15. Maria Thomas

Worked at @amazon, @etsy Investor
Invested in: Twice, Sidetour
Learn more: https://angel.co/maria-thomas

16. Ben Lewis

Co-founder at @karma-1 Science and @tapjoy
Invested in: Anyperk
Learn more: https://angel.co/ben-lewis

17. Sam Teller

Partner at Charlie Ventures. Harvard BA.
Invested in: Artsy, Spotify for the art world
Learn more: https://angel.co/steller

18. Kintan Brahmbhatt

Entrepreneur, hacker and designer
Invested in: Chewse, Bloomthat,
Learn more: https://angel.co/kintan

19. Matt Monahan

Invested in: Craft Coffee
Learn more: https://angel.co/gomattymo

20. Tim Chang

Managing Director – Mayfield. Forbes Midas List 2010, 2011 (Top 100 VCs).
Invested in: Badgeville
Learn more: https://angel.co/timechange

21. Brian Spaly

CEO Trunk Club
Invested in: Blissmo
Learn more: https://angel.co/brian-spaly

22. Hugh Olliphant

Co-founder, gMoney (sold IP to @PayPal); Ran Enterprise Product and later Labs for @PayPal
Invested in: Kiwi Crate
Learn more: https://angel.co/hugh-olliphant

23. Pascal Levy-Garboua

Investor in marketplaces, on-demand services and platforms, ex-eBay, MS Stanford
Invested in: Sprig, Shyp, SixDoors
Learn more: https://angel.co/pascal-levy-garboua

24. Richard Qiu

Technology Ventures and Business Development.
Invested in: Kiwi Crate
Learn more: https://angel.co/kiwi-crate

25. BoxGroup

An early stage investment fund based in NYC.
Invested in: Barkbox
Learn more: https://angel.co/boxgroup

26. Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuk Media / Angel/VC
Invested in: Barkbox
Learn more: https://angel.co/gary