One all-in-one platform — any possible subscription business model

From curated boxes and replenishment services to memberships, meal delivery kits and more — Subbly’s got you covered.

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Subscription Boxes

Send out bespoke boxes with custom contents that are different each time, and enjoy more predictable revenue, whether you’re selling food, collectibles, books, or anything else.

Use our

surveys, onboarding flows, and quizzes

to create subscriptions unique to each loyal customer 

Automate your sequential model

and add appropriate SKUs without the need to triangulate what stage a subscriber is at 

Examples: Pet supplies (e.g.


), clothing (e.g. Stitch Fix), beauty products (e.g Birchbox)

Memberships &

Offer members access to discounts or perks on services, and grow a loyal community united around a long-term commitment to your offering.

Build a professional website

that makes your offering stand out 

Use custom branding

on your checkout to distinguish yourself from the competition

Examples: Shipping services (e.g. Amazon Prime), industry-specific perks (e.g. CODE Hospitality), dry cleaning (e.g. Rinse)


Make sure subscribers never run out of essential products again, and can take advantage of subscribe & save features from day one.

Examples:  Toiletries (e.g. BAMBOO Club), baby products (e.g. Honest), cleaning products (e.g. Spruce)

Local Pickup & Delivery

Empower yourself as a local business and shift to a subscription model, from farms to florists.

Reduce waste with

multiple ways to offer
predefined product offerings

, particularly useful for community supported agriculture (CSA) initiatives 

Track fluctuating levels of inventory

with ease from season to season

Examples: Juices (e.g. Pressed), CSA initiatives (e.g. Common Ground Farm), local dairy products (e.g. The Real Cheese Club)

Meal & Drink
Delivery Services

Deliver custom meal plans to people curated around their preferences and become part of subscribers’ routines, whether they’re weekday health nuts or weekend indulgers.

Keep customers in the loop

through automated email notifications

Motivate customers with coupons

for flexible, volume-based discounts or free shipping

Examples:  Meal kits (e.g. Farmstand), locally-roasted coffee (e.g. Pure Roasters Coffee), craft beer (e.g. Beer52)

Transactional Commerce
with Subscriptions

Expand your offering with subscriptions

when you’re

ready to take the leap.

Use funnels

to offer the perfect sequence of exciting pre/mid/post purchase deals designed to hook users for the long haul

No need to give up

your one-time product offerings

Examples: Retail food & beverage (e.g. Pret A Manger), organic food (e.g. A Farmer For You), children’s education (e.g. Gentle + Classical Press)

Digital Content &

Empower your community with access to subscriber-only content

Promote your educational materials or creative content

all through one place
Offer a free trial

to help subscribers know they’re making the right choice

Examples: ebooks (i.e. Trends

), newspapers (i.e. The New York Times), music lessons (i.e. Pianu)

All of the above,
and more

Anything you need, all in one place, ready when you are as your offering evolves.


Plugin Soup

to worry about

Accessing APIs and integrations

is still an option, of course!

Ready to benefit from all our subscription-focused features?