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Subbly’s strength is rooted in subscription ecommerce and has all the features you need to grow, built right in.

Squarespace is a powerful drag-and-drop website builder, but falls short when it comes to subscription ecommerce.

Key comparison points

Failed payments and clunky admin causing subscribers to churn? Reverse the trend with Subbly's frictionless, feature-rich customer portals and powerful payment recovery tools.

Held back by basic subscription billing options?
Subbly's powerful billing engine is way more flexible and does all the heavy lifting for you.

Customers abusing your promo prices?
Create a custom set of retention incentives with Subbly to manage promos without burning cash!

Struggling to grow your subscriber base?
Subbly has a dedicated growth suite with upsells, funnels and referral system built right in!

Tired of manually configuring subscriber preferences?
Subbly's powerful surveys allow you to get those right when customers check out.

Spending extra on Squarespace's Advanced plan just to support subscriptions?
Subbly supports subscriptions, website, one-time product sales and more all from the base plan itself.

Ready to upgrade your subscription solution?

Subbly is built subscription-first

🧑‍💻 Customer portal

Allow your customers to update their address, payment details and other account related actions without having to cancel and re-subscribe.

📝 Surveys

Attach surveys to allow customers to customize their subscriptions, buy addons, change preferences and more.

🗓️ Commitment terms

Add commitment terms to plans with promo prices to help retain customers, boost your LTV, and maximize loyalty!

📦 Bundle creation

Create fixed and customizable bundles to enable build-a-box functionality along with auto-scaling discounts, separate tiers/categories within each box, and more.

💸 Add-ons and upsells

Sell add-ons throughout the checkout process, along with upsell options within the customer portal - all configured through our comprehensive growth suite.

🔁 Powerful dunning sequence

Minimize involuntary churn through a customized dunning sequence with up to 5 payment re-tries and intuitive automation features.

🛒 Customizable checkouts

Pick between different predefined checkout layouts that suit your purchase flows the best

Subscriptions are a bonus on Squarespace

📉 Subscription features cost extra

Squarespace falls short when a merchant's priority is selling subscriptions, as their native subscription features are only available on their Advanced plan.

🔂 Minimal subscription options

Squarespace's no-frills subscription admin settings (shown right) only allow for the most basic of subscription products to be sold.

⛓️ Lacking features for long-term growth

Core subscription features such as creating customized billing and shipping cycles aren't possible, let alone options for addons and checkout upsells.

🌐 Site builder-focused

Squarespace is mainly known not for their ecommerce features, but for their no-code, drag-and-drop website builder and large database of free templates.

💳 Basic dunning

Squarespace only allows for 2 payment re-tries over 5 days when payments fail.

Which to choose?

If you want to build a professional looking website to showcase and sell subscription products (with the option for one-time sales).
If you want an all-in-one subscription ecommerce solution with some important integrations.
If you already have a great looking website and need more robust and complete features for selling subscriptions.
If you want to start a basic website or build a simple landing page for your business.
If you don’t mind the complexity and extra costs of paying for Squarespace's Advanced plan for basic subscription functionality
If you need many apps/integrations on your website, and are happy to take on the additional risks of relying on multiple third-party solutions.

Here's what our customers think:

"I switched from Squarespace to Subbly. The customer service from Subbly is great - so helpful they'll do the full migration for you. My migration was seamless and customers had no issues."
Kelsey Leigh Jones
Founder, KelseyLeigh Designs

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