Subbly vs. Squarespace

This visual representation of where Subbly and Squarespace stand in relation to each other gives a good overview.

Let’s dive in

While Subbly is known for everything else commerce and subscription related, Squarespace is known first and foremost for their website builder.

Indeed, Squarespace is widely known as an excellent, simple, and powerful website builder tool often praised for its beautiful website templates. You don’t have to be a coder or even that tech-savvy - the Squarespace drag-and-drop website builder will easily get you where you want to be. Since launching Subbly’s new version of the website builder in 2019, we’ve heard a lot of the same great feedback that Squarespace is known for and we’re incredibly proud of that comparison.

Most people already know what Squarespace can do as a website builder, so let’s instead compare Subbly and Squarespace in the context of running an eCommerce store.

Subbly vs. Squarespace

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Subbly has been around for almost a decade and has quickly built a name for itself as the platform of choice for subscription-first businesses (i.e., those with a primary focus on building recurring revenue).

A main advantage of our platform is that we offer a very simple, code-free option to turn your existing website into a subscription store in minutes - for a very affordable price! And yes, this works for any website, including Squarespace.

While Squarespace is a website builder first, Subbly is a full-featured, holistic ecommerce platform making it very versatile.

This means Subbly offers more features covering all aspects of running an eCommerce (and subscription) business, including multiple billing/shipping cadences (weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, and annually - plus custom frequencies), automated workflows with conditional logic, checkout funnels with gifting, trial periods, survey quizzes that modify the checkout based on the customers’ answers, upsells, and more.​​

Not only is Subbly one of the most feature-rich platforms for subscription entrepreneurs, but it’s also the most affordable. This has made Subbly a favorite for business owners of all sizes concerned about value and price, from first-time subscription entrepreneurs to established retail shop owners looking to create new revenue channels, to huge multinational companies experimenting with new growth ideas to futureproof their business. A big part of the value we deliver comes from our world-class, hands-on support team, available 24/7.

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Because Subbly was developed with a subscription-first approach, it might not be a perfect fit for adjacent use cases such as collecting donations, blogging or building a website to showcase your company (without selling products), selling purely digital services, or running a physical retail store and point of sale (POS) system. Also, if you only have a one-time payment model and don’t have the need or desire to sell subscriptions, Subbly may not be the best solution for you (although it is possible).

The latest version of the Subbly website builder was launched in 2019. Because of this, Subbly’s library of themes and templates is not as vast as something like Squarespace, although it is growing every month. Indeed, although you can customize your website without a template, many merchants prefer using one as a starting point.



It’s dead obvious really. The main strength of Squarespace is its very versatile website builder that’s been refined over many, many years. This is what makes Squarespace perfect for anyone looking to start a blog, set up a creative portfolio, or showcase their company online.

By browsing through a vast library of templates which you can further customize to your liking, you can be up and running very fast. Squarespace also allows you to manage your site’s SEO through the dashboard, and all templates and designs are already mobile-optimized as well. If you’re skilled in JS or CSS, you can even manually make edits to the code.

Like many current well-established website builder companies, Squarespace’s eCommerce capabilities are great for selling one-time products. Squarespace also easily integrates with many other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, which makes it very powerful in some unique ways. Squarespace also has a partnership with Square, a popular POS hardware company, so you can integrate online and offline sales data.


Although Squarespace is good for one-time purchases, the simplicity of their eCommerce features are limiting for subscription entrepreneurs looking for recurring revenue. For example, when it comes to flexibility, they only offer two different billing/shipping cadences - monthly and weekly. This is too restrictive even for the least sophisticated merchants, let alone advanced merchants who want to test and offer various billing cycles.

This is perhaps the main reason why Subbly frequently hears from Squarespace users wanting to use their existing website but add Subbly to handle subscriptions, or switch to Subbly entirely because we offer both. (NB: you are able to use Subbly integrated into Squarespace - HERE is how.)

Pricing on Squarespace looks extremely affordable at first glance, but note that all subscription features are only available on the most expensive Squarespace plan. And, although the Advanced Commerce plan has a 0% transaction fee, other payment gateway transaction fees still apply.

Although Squarespace advertises 24/7 support, you’ll really only get access to the live chat support during weekday working hours. Most of the time, you’ll be limited to email support and a ticketing system, which can be a big turnoff especially if you’re looking to set up, go live and start selling as soon as possible.


It’s very simple.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re looking for a full-featured eCommerce and subscription platform, and in this regard Subbly delivers an incredible value: a feature rich eCommerce platform built with recurring revenue at the core of every decision, backed by industry-leading support, featuring a website builder, and supporting one-time purchases along with subscription. That’s why Subbly is trusted by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, if you’re looking for the best platform to build a blog or company website that’s not related to eCommerce at all, you will get everything you need (and more) on Squarespace. Even then, you still might want to consider trying Subbly’s website builder because it’s just so affordable.
But... maybe the best part is having the best of both worlds; you can easily use Squarespace as your website builder, and Subbly for everything else subscription related!

When to use?


  • If you need to very easily build a website to sell products, especially subscriptions.
  • If you’re looking for affordable, growth-friendly pricing and a reliable partner that will help you scale your business.
  • If you’re after a solution that will cover some of the most uncommon business cases and make growing your subscription base a breeze.


  • If you need to very easily build a blog or company website that doesn’t sell any products.
  • If 1% transaction fees are a deciding factor for you.
  • If your business setup is not that complex and you’ll be fine with only a few available billing/shipping cadences.

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