Which one should I use? Subbly or Moonclerk

It’s not surprising that we often get questions about how we compare with Moonclerk in terms of features and functionality, pricing, etc.

Subbly and Moonclerk are both good subscription solutions but the best choice depends upon your specific needs and at what stage of setting up your business you’re currently in. While it’s true that Subbly and Moonclerk can be used for lots of similar business cases, the biggest difference is that Subbly is an all-in-one solution while Moonclerk specializes only in taking and handling recurring payments across a variety of different business cases, particularly in the realm of collecting donations for charities and running simple subscriptions . 

Let’s break it down a bit further. 



Moonclerk presents a very simple and user friendly solution for collecting payments online, with all the core features needed to collect recurring payments. They has a great onboarding process and even offers a phone number which you can call if you get stuck with setup. Subbly is obsessed with high quality service so we always appreciate when other companies do this well too. 

The list of countries supported on Moonclerk is vast, although they ultimately support only 3 currencies for taking payments. Moonclerk’s pricing is based your sales volume. For example, if your revenue is between $0 and $2000, you will pay $15/mo. This model is very unique and, if you do the math against other platforms, the cost ends up being one of the cheaper options you will find. 

Moonclerk doesn't have a website builder so you’ll have to embed Moonclerk’s payment forms on an external site (click here to learn how you can do this with Subbly as well). Despite this, Moonclerk offers a great way to customize the look of the checkout/payment form by enabling you to change styles, colors, and fonts, as well as add your own CSS to it. 

Last but not least, Moonclerk offers a solution for digital content (although it’s a paid add-on), which is also worth noting. In contrast to Subbly, this should be considered an immediate positive given that Subbly doesn’t yet offer a ready-made solution for anyone running digital or membership type of service (we're working on it though)


Because Moonclerk’s payment forms need to be embedded on an external site, the set up process is a bit tedious, made more difficult for less tech-savvy users by the lack of support articles.

Although Moonclerk offers a good amount of flexibility when creating billing/shipping schedules, the platform is missing many core ecommerce features, like checkout surveys which act as a price modifier and let your customers to build their box with the actual selection affecting the payment, upsells and cross-sells, advanced integrations and automating workflows  or running cart abandonment campaigns. 

In a nutshell, while Moonclerk offers a solution that will help you build payment forms, it lacks the depth and complexity for anyone who’s looking to actually build an online shop around it. You don’t get to create subscription products on Moonclerk, only subscription forms. This makes it very difficult for anyone who’s looking to run an online shop of products to achieve their goals, compounded by a lack of any graceful order and customer management system adds up here as well. 

Lastly, it’s worth noting that there is no real free trial on Moonclerk. You’re able to sign up and explore the product for free, but if you want to start accepting payments, you’ll have to move onto a paid plan.



Best-in-Class Support

Get the help you need from our excellent support staff

Automate Your Business

Automate marketing, management and operations with no code using complex business models

Customizable Checkouts & Subs

Collect information from your customers, and even allow them to pick their products and configure their subscription.

Subbly is a robust platform for physical product delivery. It's is easy to use but sophisticated and powerful; the platform records all aspects of the customer journey, from the initial shopping experience to every shipment and customer transaction. Plus, Subbly provides a full set of customer and order management tools. 

Subbly makes running a business even simpler with automations; a feature that allows you to automate tedious workflows such as sending up data payloads in a webhook on certain events (new subscriber, new cancellation, new order…), applying a coupon/discount to customer’s subscriptions after X number of payments or even setting up an email/SMS campaigns for new or existing subscribers.

Subbly’s other popular business simplifying features include our cart abandonment tool, referral program plus a growing number of integrations help with things like marketing, customer service, and administrative things like taxes. Subbly is so much more than a payment processing tool; it is a platform built to support you from your beginner stage all the way through to growing an enterprise.

It’s clear that Subbly is an all-in-one solution from its powerful drag and drop website builder. Not only will the website builder help you build the site of your dreams in minutes (with absolutely no coding involved) but it makes life easier to use one platform for everything. Why would you use a website builder platform plus an entirely different technology when you can achieve the same thing (and then some) with Subbly?

The main Pro
Subbly – is a team of real passionate people who have been with us from the very beginning

Subbly is a strong solution if you’re looking for a platform to handle a business focused on physical products. However, it is not currently built to handle digital products/service based businesses. That being said, we are working on adding support for these business models in the near future.

Subbly’s checkout and payment forms have been optimized for the highest conversion rates. The only downside is that the checkout isn’t yet very customizable, only allowing for simple color changes and adding your company logo. 

Subbly’s support is one of the best in the industry (according to Capterra), entailing 24/7 chat availability with 1 hour response times, including on weekends. However, Subbly only offers phone support for enterprise plans.


Overall, Subbly is a more robust and complete platform. With the help of the website builder, order/customer management, marketing automation and more, Subbly is the all-in-one solution to help you through the earliest stages of your business all the way to scaling an enterprise.

Moonclerk is a good solution but only if you’re looking for a simple payment form that can handle recurring billings. That being said, keep in mind that Moonclerk can only be embedded on an external website.

When to use?


  • If you already have a website and want a simple payment form solution that will collect recurring payments
  • When you’re processing large amount of payments on a monthly basis and need an affordable and scalable pricing structure that won’t eat up much of your profits
  • If your country is not supported for business on the other platforms.


  • If you are on the hunt for an all-in-one solution that will help with building the website, recurring billing, order management, and more.
  • If you want a reliable and user friendly solution to build your site from scratch in little time with no coding skills.
  • If you value top notch, responsive, 24/7 customer service.

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Subbly really is built subscription-first. While you'd need a lot of plugins and connectors to start off on other platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, here, it's all built right in.

Charmaine Merriweather
Founder & Owner of HUES Book Box

Before I found Subbly I never had the ability or finances to have a subscription business platform which could meet my needs and expectations. Subbly has been there for me every step of the way!

Founder and CEO @ BathBox

Everything was so straightforward, the support team are AMAZING, I would not have been able to launch without Subbly.

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We’ve used the software for over 3 years and it keeps getting better. It has everything you need to easily run a successful subscription box business!

Co-founder @ Buster Box

Subbly is straightforward and easy to use. Designing your site is simple and allows you to control your entire business from one place.

Founder and CEO @ Model Box