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Subbly’s strength is rooted in subscription ecommerce and has all the features you need to grow, built right in.

Cratejoy's focus is its marketplace, and provides a basic billing engine, but lacks advanced subscription features and customization options.

Key comparison points

Fighting to stay profitable and grow while paying unfair platform fees? Subbly's affordable plans, transparent prices, and lack of marketplace fee ensure you get to keep what you make.

Frustrated your platform only offers the bare essentials for subscription ecommerce?
Subbly’s built subscription-first, and stays on the cutting edge with an ever-expanding feature set.

Unable to make gifting a magical experience?
Subbly's advanced and streamlined subscription gifting suite is optimized to help you drive more gift sales!

Struggling to build a website and storefront that properly represents your brand?  
Subbly's feature-rich, drag-and-drop, no-code website builder empowers you to build a dazzling website.

Having a hard time getting help when you need it most?
Subbly’s customer support team is best-in-class, with ultra-fast response times and a proactive, community-driven approach.

Ready to upgrade your subscription solution?

Subbly is built subscription-first

🧾 Powerful billing engine

Maximize flexibility with advanced billing and shipping options, commitment terms, and more

🎁 Fully-featured gifting suite

Configure options to send gift messages and shipping updates to recipient's email, automatic expiration, etc.

📧 Customizable transactional emails

Add your brand's messaging and styling to your transactional emails, along with dynamically available data and variables.

📝 Surveys

Collect subscription preferences and offer add-on options to allow your subscribers customize their plan, before or after checkout.

🤝 Memberships and discounts

Allow your subscribers to enroll into supermarket loyalty-card style membership programs and get access to storewide discounts

🌐 Feature-rich website builder

Build the storefront you've always dreamt of, with plenty of customization options, a drag-and-drop designer and dozens of templates to use as a base.

🧑‍💻 Flexible customer portal

Allow customers to update their information, manage subscriptions, and access exclusive content in a brand-customizable, fully-translateable portal.

🛒 Customizable checkouts

Build an checkout experience aligned with your purchase flow with a choice of optimized checkout layouts and customization options.

Cratejoy's focus is their marketplace

📉 Higher overall costs

Marketplace fees, currency conversion fees (for international orders), platform fees, 1.25% + $0.10 transaction fees and more all add up.

🔂 Basic subscription options

Cratejoy lacks a lot of essential subscription billing and shipping customization options.

📦 Clunky gifting features

Existing gift subscriptions have to be managed fully by the purchaser, with no option to transfer the subscription.

📧 Less personal communications

Lack of granular customization and personalization options on transactional emails and checkouts.

🌐 Basic website builder

Limited customization options for merchants to create a website that best represents their brand.

Which to choose?

If you want to build a professional looking website to showcase and sell subscription products on a powerful all-in-one platform, with growth and upsell features built-in.
If you want to keep control over your customers and eliminate marketplace fees once and for all.
If you want maximum flexibility to create custom subscription and order shipping cadences, optimize for efficiency and focus on delivering a world-class customer experience.
If you absolutely need the marketplace as a promotion channel and are happy to pay the additional fees.
If you only need to validate demand for your business in the short term and don't need any advanced features to support your long-term growth.
If you plan on managing a smaller customer base and don't mind spending extra time/support efforts for those customers.

Here's what our customers think:

"We had a free trial with Cratejoy but we quickly ran into problems with their web builder. Eventually we came across Subbly and we were very impressed. Countless features have been added to Subbly since which I find essential if you want to grow to thousands of subscribers. - commitment terms and 2-week trials don’t appear on other platforms."
Liam Brennan
Founder, BusterBox

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