Subbly vs. Wix

This visual representation of where Subbly and Wix stand in relation to each other gives a good overview.

Let’s dive in

Many believe that Subbly and Wix are direct competitors, but it's not entirely true. While Subbly was built as a subscription-first platform with a built-in website builder, Wix was built as a website builder first with eCommerce tools as supplementary features. It sounds trivial, but we're about to explain why the difference is huge. 

The other major factor that doesn’t make the two direct competitors is that Subbly and Wix can be used together, although we do not recommend this (more on this later…). You can use Wix to build your website and Subbly to run your subscriptions - just like one of our featured merchants, BooBox. Read about the process to use Subbly and Wix together in detail here. The integration, while simple and backed by our excellent support staff, has its own drawbacks. For this reason, many people prefer to use a single platform for everything. 

So what's better: the website builder turned eCommerce platform, or the all-in-one solution that involves both the website builder facilities and subscription features at its core? Let’s find out.

Subbly vs. WIX

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Subbly’s primary strength compared to Wix is that it is built first and foremost as an eCommerce platform, meaning that it prioritizes offering merchants flexibility and advanced customer and subscription management features with every plan. For example: merchants serious about running a business can easily set up different billing/shipping frequencies, customizable checkout flows, “build a box” solutions, upsells and cross-sells, and automation of tedious order management processes using simple if this, then that rules.

If you prefer to use another website builder OR already have a website elsewhere, Subbly is simple to integrate with almost any other solution (including Wix). Although Subbly’s setup process is already dead simple, customer support still is a top priority (check out our reviews!).

Subbly's pricing is very affordable and straightforward. You really only have to make one decision: do you want to use Subbly for everything (including our simple website builder)? That's $39/mo. Or will you be using Subbly with a different website builder? That's only $19/mo.

Most importantly, Subbly is versatile and fits many use cases. Whether you’re just starting out OR you’re an established brick and mortar business looking to sell online, you can do it all in one place by using Subbly from the start. Already using a different website builder (like Wix)? You can supercharge your website with Subbly’s powerful eCommerce features and put subscription at the heart of every customer relationship.

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Subbly’s website builder doesn't offer the level of customization and flexibility as Wix’s. If you want to build a site and use it primarily for blogging or showcasing your offering with rudimentary eCommerce functions (if any), Subbly is perhaps not the perfect fit for you.

Some users may find it more difficult to handle web design across platforms and devices. While every Subbly website is mobile responsive, managing mobile vs. desktop view on Wix may be easier. Wix also has a wider variety of integrations and apps (albeit some are paid).

Subbly does not yet have a dedicated feature set for digital products, being initially developed for physical products, but as people have been asking, dedicated features are being developed as we speak.



Wix’s strength lies in its primary focus: its website builder. It is one of the most widely used in the industry, and for good reason. It has a large database of available free templates and an easy to use, drag-and-drop style. which is known to be intuitive and allows users to create professional looking websites with no design or coding experience.

In addition, Wix has a long list of free and paid integrations, including Quickbooks, Printful, Smile, Mailchimp, and lots of apps developed by Wix, all allowing users extra flexibility.

It’s really interesting to see Wix’s eCommerce features. In fact, Wix does quite well for a store selling one-time products. Their features include product variants for one-time orders, inventory management, and automated email notifications for order and stock management. Wix can also be used by merchants selling both physical and digital products (not just one or the other).


Wix falls short when a merchant's priority is selling subscriptions, as their native subscription app (Wix Pricing Plans) can only get you so far. Even something as basic as creating customized billing and shipping cycles requires additional third-party tools, not to mention other more advanced features needed to grow. Many Wix users end up looking elsewhere for a subscription eCommerce solution, while still using the Wix website builder, as they want the best of both worlds.

With Wix Pricing Plans, you can set up recurring payments, but you can only set billing/shipping cycles as weekly, monthly, or annually. It also doesn't have customizable checkout flows, upsell and cross-sell funnels, or even some things that are considered pretty much standard, such as trial or preordering functionality.

Another negative point is maybe a result of the business trying to do everything, instead of focusing on what they do best (their website builder). They also have a lot of different pricing options that many find confusing. Yes, there's a free plan. But that free plan gives access to only a handful of features and doesn't allow you to connect your own domain, and will also put Wix ads on it. On top of that, if you want to process payments, you will need to opt for one of Wix's eCommerce business plans.

Last but not the least, customizing the layout beyond Wix’s builder abilities is very hard, while the builder itself has a not so good reputation for slow loading times which can greatly impact SEO and conversion rates.

Because Wix lacks strong eCommerce capabilities (such as recurring payments and subscription management), Wix users will likely need to combine it with another platform. This will increase your overall cost compared to simply using an all-in-one solution like Subbly.


Subbly’s strength is rooted in eCommerce, and more specifically, subscription-first business models. Overall, it’s a better all-in-one solution for merchants looking to keep it simple (and cheap), complete with a full-featured website builder and all.

Now, there’s no doubt that Wix’s website builder is great, but it’s not built specifically for eCommerce. That being said, although it's a bit pricier, some eCommerce merchants choose to use Wix to build their website, and Subbly to manage payments, subscriptions, order management, and more.

When to use?


  • If you want to build a professional looking website to showcase and sell products on a recurring basis (plus one-time sales).
  • If you want an all-in-one eCommerce solution with some important integrations.
  • If you already have a great looking website and need more robust and complete features for selling subscriptions.


  • If you want to easily start a blog or build a marketing page for your business.
  • If you need many apps/integrations on your website (for example: forum, comments section)
  • If you don’t mind the complexity and extra costs of using Wix to build a site and another tool for eCommerce and subscription features.

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