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Karen Sidell
Tot’s Playtime Box

I can't believe how easy it has been to migrate to Subbly. As a small business every subscriber counts, so being able to migrate them over from my existing platform without having to ask them to re-enter their payment details has been brilliant. I wish I had migrated over earlier!

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If you’re using Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree in combination with Cratejoy, ReCharge, Shopify, Bold, WordPress, or WooCommerce (among others) — you name it, we can migrate you! Once you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one subscription-first platform, seamlessly and in minimal time, we’ve got you covered.

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Please contact us and let us know that you'll like to migrate your business over.


Fill out the form we send you up to 24h before you’d like your migration to commence.


Sign up for Subbly in the meantime.


Connect your payment gateway and set up your products ahead of time


Receive confirmation of the migration date ahead of time


Sit back, relax, and we'll let you know when you're all good and set to go on Subbly


After the migration has been successfully completed, we will mail you a CSV with the randomly generated passwords for your customer's accounts so they can login to their customer login area on Subbly and manage their subscription.

NB: you might want to mail their new passwords and to let them know that they will be managing their subscription on Subbly now.

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Jasmine Hornby

I use Subbly for everything. I love their customer service, it is phenomenal and they are so patient. Also the website builder is really easy AND they have a lot of help articles that actually make sense. I have digital resources for teachers/parents and a sub box and I'm able to easily set up my store separately for those products. I really feel like Subbly has thought of just about everything.

Jasmine Hornby

have finally finished. I feel like one of the last people on Earth to know Subbly's worth, but I am converted.As far as setting up subscription websites goes anyway. Now I just need to sell boxes.Two weeks ago I was in a world of hurt with a Wix website and a third-party platform that was apparently subscription specific. It was a terrible experience.In about 3 days I have been able to set up Subbly.

Karen Sidell

Excellent, Thank you so much. I didn't know I would want all these features until I got started and wished I would have known as it would have been so much easier to start off with Subbly. Thinking it would be easier to migrate sooner rather than later before my subscriber numbers get any higher.

Alex Fleck

Hey, I'm in marketing. I own a number of businesses. We built a sub platform for Timepiece Monthly from the ground up. Why do I tell you this? Because we switched to Subbly because it does IT ALL and phenomenally well. It's an incredible system for subscription-based businesses and as a tech professional I know what is involved. HIGHLY recommend you signup, because from subs, upsells, to email automations and reporting, there is no system out there that does it better than Subbly. Oh, and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Period.

Kelsey Leigh Johns

I switched from Squarespace to Subbly. The customer service from Subbly is great. So helpful they will do the full migration for you. You do have to gather info for them but my migration was seamless and customers had no issues.

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