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Subbly’s migrations program has guaranteed a 100% success rate for merchants with subscriber payment data on Stripe (or other standardized, non-white labeled processors with the capability to transfer payment data to Stripe).

Don’t have access to your subscribers’ payment data? You have nothing to worry about, we’ve got your back here too. 

Introducing Subscription Switch™

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Our proprietary Subscription Switch™ protocol is proven to deliver ~85% payment data capture in just 11 days, versus 14 months or more via conventional methods.
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Subbly’s migration process is built with merchants in mind whilst overcoming the anti-competitive practices of other platforms.
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We’ve been migrating subscription businesses like yours swiftly and efficiently while minimizing any downtime or revenue losses for years.

With tried and tested tooling and best-in-class service, your migration is risk-free and painless.

We run hundreds of free migrations per year for happy businesses.

"I spent 5 long months getting set up when I started my product business on another platform. "I had a go live with a deadline of a week to get things setup on Subbly - we managed it in 6 days. Massive shout out to the Migrations team at Subbly for being incredibly helpful, couldn’t have done it without them!"

Our team will guide you through, every step of the way.

Nicole Bannell
Founder, Nicole's Jungle
Switched from Shopify

Reach out to our migrations team for a free consultation call and more info on our latest offers.

Your migration path

Your migration process will depend on your level of access to your customers’ payment data.

Find out what the migration process will look like for you in our dedicated article.

Migration offers

Migrating over 50 subscribers? On top of a free migration, we'll also give you up to 10 months free on Subbly.

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Here's what our merchants think:

"I use Subbly for everything. I love their customer service, it is phenomenal and they are so patient. The website builder is also really easy to use AND their help articles are super clear. I create digital resources for teachers/parents and a sub box as well as I'm able to easily set up my store separately for those products. I really feel like Subbly has thought of just about everything!"
Telia Rae Sorter
Founder, Sorter's Corner
"I switched from Squarespace to Subbly. The customer service from Subbly is great. They're so helpful they will do the full migration for you. You do have to gather info for them but my migration was seamless and customers had no issues."
Kelsey Leigh Jones
Founder, KelseyLeigh Designs
"I highly recommend you sign up, because from subs, upsells, to email automations and reporting, there is no system out there that does it better than Subbly.Oh, and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Period."
Alex Fleck
Founder, Timepiece Monthly
"Excellent, Thank you so much. I didn't know I would want all these features until I got started and I wish I would have known as it would have been so much easier to start off with Subbly. Thinking it would be easier to migrate sooner rather than later before my subscriber numbers get any higher."
Karen Sidell
"After just finishing setting up my website I feel like one of the last people on Earth to understand Subbly's worth, but I am now converted. Now, it's time to sell boxes! Before Subbly I was in a world of hurt with a Wix website and a third-party platform that was apparently subscription-specific. It only took me 3 days to set up Subbly and end that terrible experience"
Jasmine Hornby

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*Revenue must be processed through your Subbly account within 3 months of creating your account, or customers must be migrated within 3 months for the offer to remain valid. Offer excludes Solution Engineering Hours through an Enterprise plan.