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"I'm in marketing and I own a number of businesses. We built a sub platform for The Keeper Box from the ground up. Why do I tell you this? Because we switched to Subbly because it does IT ALL and phenomenally well. It's an incredible system for subscription-based businesses and as a tech professional I know what is involved. HIGHLY recommend you signup, because from subs, upsells, to email automations and reporting, there is no system out there that does it better than Subbly. Oh, and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Period."
Alex Fleck
Founder, The Keeper Box
"After just finishing setting up my website I feel like one of the last people on Earth to understand Subbly's worth, but I am now converted. Now, it's time to sell boxes! Before Subbly I was in a world of hurt with a Wix website and a third-party platform that was apparently subscription-specific. It only took me 3 days to set up Subbly and end that terrible experience."
Jasmine Hornby
Founder, The Horse & His Bookworm
"Excellent, Thank you so much. I didn't know I would want all these features until I got started and I wish I would have known as it would have been so much easier to start off with Subbly. I was thinking it would be easier to migrate sooner rather than later before my subscriber numbers got any higher."
Karen Sidell
Founder, Tot's Playtime Box
“I use Subbly for everything. I love their customer service, it is phenomenal and they are so patient. The website builder is also really easy to use AND their help articles are super clear. I create both digital resources for teachers/parents as well as a sub box, and Subbly's made it easy to set up my store separately for those products. I really feel like Subbly has thought of just about everything!”
Telia Rae Sorter
Founder, Sorter's Corner

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