Marks & Spencer chose Subbly as the top enterprise solution to run their flower subscription program

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Marks and Spencer is a a billion-pound retailer with a vast international presence.


5-figure MRR

reached within 3 years


5-figure MRR

reached within 3 years

About Marks & Spencer

Founded in 1884, Marks & Spencer is a publicly traded household name, who are known for their quality food & drink, clothing, homeware and more, with hundreds of retail locations around the world.

While traditionally known for their physical locations, in 2018, they opted to go in a bold new direction and launch their first subscription offering.

Inspired by the success of Freddie’s Flowers, and given the existence of their quality flower supply chain, they decided their first experiment in the subscription space would be to launch a pilot flower subscription.

As a result, they needed a technical solution to enable this.

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The Challenge

As a company with a 150 year old reputation for high quality to uphold, as well as well-established internal processes and stringent policies, Marks & Spencer's requirements were enterprise-level.

To get the pilot off the ground with minimal investment they needed a flexible and robust all-in-one subscription-first platform that could seamlessly integrate with their fulfillment centers and processes - with no stability or reliability issues.

The Solution

Identifying Subbly as the prime candidate for their budding flower subscription business pilot, the Marks & Spencer team got in touch and kicked off the extensive discovery process.

They quickly understood just how well Subbly could deliver on their extensive requirements including the need for custom development and hands-on setup support.

Key to this growth was Subbly’s ability to create custom solutions via our API, as well as Subbly’s clever subscription-first features which helped bring in new subscribers and maximize average order value. Subbly also provided best practice advice and guidance to the M&S team on a regular basis.

Subbly collaborated with Marks & Spencer to develop acceptable enterprise-level SLAs, pass security auditing, implement data policies (GDPR), and provide confidence in our reliability for their launch.

The Results

Subbly successfully supported the smooth launch of the Marks & Spencer flower subscription.

In 3 short years, Marks & Spencer’s flower subscription business grew to thousands of subscribers, collectively bringing in as much as 5 figures of MRR per month.

Intended only as a pilot program, Marks & Spencer’s flower subscription would go on to operate for 3 years, powered by Subbly, eventually shutting its doors due to shifting internal priorities within the wider business.

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