Subscription Switch™

A new path to migration for those who have lost control of their data
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More and more ecommerce platforms have decided to retain you for longer by taking control of your subscribers’ payment data.

Without you even knowing - your current platform might have made it difficult for you to not only operate your subscription business, but also move your business to another platform.

You’ve essentially been caged into staying on a single platform, with your subscribers’ payment data taken hostage.

Introducing Subscription Switch™

Subscription Switch™ is first of a kind, proprietary technology that helps you regain and recover your subscribers’ payment token data through Subbly, restoring your freedom to migrate to another platform.

The best part is that Subscription Switch™ is virtually risk-free, as you won't be losing any revenue from your existing subscribers.

Equally as fast as it is efficient, the The Subscription Switch™ protocol has helped merchants switch over as much as 84% of their subscribers in just 11 days.

Regain control with Subscription Switch™

Migrating to Subbly using Subscription Switch™ gives you back control of your subscriber’s payment data, empowering you to become independent from any platform and their control.

It’ll futureproof your business for good, and you won’t be at the mercy of your platform anymore.

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Custom migrations from other platforms can cost you thousands of dollars.

What's more, they can even lead to revenue loss due to the lack of tooling and processes to free payment token data that's being held hostage.

Migrating with Subscription Switch™ will cost you $0 - and you might even be eligible for additional Subbly offers which will further bring down your operating costs.

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