Why would you
want to be a subscription-first business?

On a philosophical level, you probably already are. After all, doesn’t everyone want repeat business from long-term, loyal customers?
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Subscription-first businesses...

Are more aligned with their customers' needs.
Typically have higher lifetime values (LTVs), which is one of the key metrics they focus on.
Have more integrated business models which are easier to run and manage.
Have more predictable
Are able to create stronger customer relationships.
Succeed in creating top-notch customer experiences.
Use their unlocked data to drive better decision making and a more in-depth understanding of their customers.
Are more able to develop a community around their brand and products, which can help generate word of mouth and social proof through user-created content.
Often will receive higher valuations due to having predictable streams of recurring revenue.
The market is rapidly trending towards subscription-first businesses, and you can see why that is. This inadvertently presents another reason to become subscription-first — for a competitive advantage.