If you have ever had milk, newspapers, eggs or any kind of product delivered on a regular basis, then you were a customer of Subscription Commerce. Subscription Commerce has been a business model for a very long time and has always stuck around, proving particularly useful in today’s modern age. Now thanks to modern technology you can have your own Subscription Commerce business, except with the added technology part, it’s now a Subscription Ecommerce business or SubCom for short.

SubCom is simple, which is why it can be great as a lifestyle business. Customers sign up for a service or product and they receive something at the end of a certain time period, be it a day, month, week or a year. It doesn’t matter, as long as they are signed up and receiving then they are a customer of SubCom. SubCom can be easily used as a lifestyle business, and I could rhyme off thousands of ideas. Nowadays, you can sell just about anything online, so why not sell it as a subscription? For example, if I could get some tasty jams delivered every month, my toast and I would be very happy, allowing me to enjoy the simple things in life and not have to worry about ever running out of tasty jams.

Think about only having to make one delivery a day, week or month. That is the beauty of SubCom – you don’t need to have regular office hours, an office or any normal business operations… make some tasty jams once a month, send them out, and that’s you done for the month. The technology end of SubCom at the moment is a little difficult, as the only real services that help SubCom businesses are more suited towards larger organisations with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Our team noticed this gap in the market and I’m proud to bestow upon you Subbly, a Subscription Ecommerce Platform that will open up SubCom for everyone. We genuinely have made it ridiculously easy, start a shop, deal with orders and get your just desserts (or jams) at the end of it. Why make an easy process difficult?

At the moment Subbly is not long off of our first alpha, beta, whatever you want to call it. Sign up now and you will be the first to know when you can start your own SubCom business! Head over to subbly.co to sign up.

By Stefan
Founder & CEO of Subbly