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Here’s a list of all our episodes so far.

Episode List

12 – The Future is Subscription

Guest: Chelsea Brennan – CEO of Little Life Box

Stefan interviews Chelsea Brennan, the founder and CEO of Little Life Box. The winner of Canada’s ‘Vegan Box’, Little Life Box offers healthy and ethical lifestyle products including skin creams and protein bars. Brennan is also a marketing specialist and social media expert, having built her company up through social network marketing…

11 – The Importance of Embracing Criticism

Guest: Ryan Hogan – CEO of Hunt a Killer

Stefan interviews Ryan Hogan, the co-founder and CEO of Hunt A Killer. Named by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019, Hunt A Killer is an immersive murder mystery game that challenges…

10 – How a Marketing Expert Would Use $100

Guest: John Roman – CMO of BattlBox

Stefan interviews John Roman of BattlBox and Carnivore Club. John is a marketing genius and helped grow BattlBox to $6M in year 1, and over $55M in revenue since launch. They discuss: How to make the most of the Coronavirus situation…

09 – 5 Lessons From 14 Million Shipments

Guest: Matthew Arevalo – Founder of Loot Crate

Stefan interviews Matthew Arevalo of Loot Crate. They discussed the story behind the extremely fast growing business, from $0 to $100M in 3 years. The profitable path of making your own products and the pain that also comes with it. The true price of growing too fast and the lessons from…

Special Episode – The Impact of Coronavirus on eCommerce & Subscription


  • Lee Malcher, who manages multiple multi-million dollar ecommerce brands
  • John Roman, CMO at BattlBox and Managing Partner of Carnivore Club
  • Liam Brennan, Co-Founder of BusterBox
  • Ryan Hogan, CEO of Hunt a Killer
  • Michael Vikar, CEO of Procurement Inc

This is a special episode where we’ve invited some of the top e-commerce experts in the world to share their thoughts on the impact of Coronavirus on e-commerce, based on their experiences so far, as well as a summary of our new Coronavirus impact on ecommerce blog post report. In this episode we raise…

8 – A Powerful but Alternative Perspective From a Subscription OG

Guest: Paul Jarrett – CEO of Bulu

Stefan interviews Paul Jarrett of Bulu. We also dislike lengthy descriptions, so here’s a convenient bullet list of what they discussed: Discovering an accidental pivot into a lucrative business model. Self awareness as a requirement for growing a business. Trust in a company, and what it means if you lack it. How to ask for advice, for free. Churn is everywhere, optimise for revenue…

7 – Common Pitfalls Startup Founders Need to Avoid

Guest: Anthony Roombs of Splendies

Stefan interviews Anthony Coombs of Splendies. They discussed: Overcoming fulfilment issues, what to focus on and do to start your subscription businesses, common pitfalls to avoid startup founders need to avoid when starting, how to decide who to hire first in your business, and more..

6 – Bootstrapping to 75,000 Subscribers! Founder Wisdom

Guest: Andy Moeck of Succulent Studios

Stefan interviews Andy Moeck of Succulent Studios, the #1 subscription service for glorious succulents ????from California. They discussed…

5 – Breaking Down (Legal) Walls & Stigma

Guest: Eliza Maroney of Lucky Box Club

Stefan interviews Eliza Maroney of Lucky Box Club, the premium cannabis ???? subscription box from California. They discussed: The challenges of taking a cannabis product to market, overcoming legal issues…

4 – Discovering Influencer Marketing + Automating Operations

Guest: Taylor Offer of FEAT Socks

Stefan interviews Forbes 30 Under 30 rockstar, Taylor Offer of FEAT Socks. Taylor has a serious track record when it comes to D2C and running lean e-commerce businesses with subscription models. They discussed…

3 – Purpose Driven Testing & Planning w/Senior Sleuths

Guests: Carey and Alana of Senior Sleuths

Stefan interviews Carey and Alana from Senior Sleuths, the first subscription-based mystery game series designed especially for seniors. They have such a unique business and their story and execution has many lessons for any business to learn from. We discussed…

2 – Why AI is Important in Subscription Ecommerce

Guest: Ben Parr – Founder of Octaine AI

Stefan talks artificial intelligence for killer subscription performance with author and tech legend Ben Parr, with special guest Octi! Ben Parr is the founder of Octaine AI and author of Captivology. Octaine AI is an AI powered bot platform for ecommerce businesses. So needless to say, Ben knows his stuff…

1 – Growth Through Pricing & Retention

Guest: Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell

Stefan interviews pricing expert Patrick Campbell from ProfitWell in an exclusive live interview on stage. With 40 minutes packed with wisdom, after this episode you will have more insight into the following topics…

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