The Best Quarterly Subscription Boxes

Last modified on October 6th, 2020

Depending on what you’re selling, a monthly subscription box might be too frequent. Some customers might not have that kind of cash to throw around or use the product less frequently.

If you’ve already started a subscription box, we’ve noticed it’s common for owners to trial multiple ‘order cadences’ including monthly, bi monthly, annual and of course quarterly. They’ll simply test what works and double down. While some subscription platforms don’t allow for this flexibility, we’ve ensured Subbly does because hundreds of our customers asked for it.

But enough about us.

Quarterly Subscription Box Ideas for 2020

Typically we noticed quarterly subscription boxes are offered to match the change in seasons. They also provide even more attention to detail than your standard monthly subscriptions.

The business tends to put more thought into the contents of the box because they have more time to curate the contents. The lower purchase frequency means that they’ll also have more flexibility in putting in some higher priced items too. 

We’ve selected a handful (see below) which we think are pretty darn great! 


Popsugar Must Have

Popsugar Must Have

Price: $75/quarter

What’s inside: We would expect nothing less from one of the leading online fashion, beauty, and pop-culture sites. Each quarter this box is packed with some of the best full-sized beauty products, super stylish accessories & home décor, and delicious snacks. Previous boxes have included a YSL eyeshadow pallet, Nemian Marcus gift card, and a cluse watch.

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Gentlemen’s Premium

gentlemans box

Price: $100/quarter

What’s Inside: While the gentleman’s box monthly subscription is top of the line, their premium quarterly box really pulls out all the stops. For starters, you have to apply and get approved to even receive the box. If you do fall into such luck you’ll receive a luxe wooden box delivered to your door every 3 months with 4-5 premium accessories such as ties, pocket squares, cologne, and many other goods to make you look and feel dapper.

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Raw Spice Bar

Raw spice bar subscription box

Price: $10/month (note – this used to be a quarterly subscription)

What’s Inside: Unless you’re a master chef, spices can be confusing and at times intimidating. Raw spice bar fixes this issues by sending you 6 quality spices every quarter along with some recipes for healthy dishes that, you guessed it, require the spices in your box. Next thing you know you’ll be whipping up dishes comparable to those of Gordon Ramsey.

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Fab Fit Fun

Fab fit fun subscription box

Price: $49.99/season

What’s Inside: If you haven’t heard of this one, then you clearly don’t follow every fallen bachelorette star on Instagram. Every season you’ll receive 8-10 full size products that are fab, fit, and fun. See what we did there? Inside almost every box is fitness gear, beauty products, accessories, and the occasional home décor. What’s even better is that if you hate surprises, you can go in and choose what you want included inside your box each quarter.

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Monti Kids

Monti Kids subscription box

Price: $297/quarter

What’s Inside: Who said subscription boxes were just for you? Monti Kids sends out quarterly boxes made specifically for children ages 0-3 years old. Every 3 month you’ll receive a box full of educational toys. The great thing is that the box grows with your child, providing toys that are appropriate to their age range and the skills they’re developing.

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style

Box of Style subscription box

Price: $99.99/quarter

What’s Inside: You’ve probably heard her name before, but if you don’t know who Rachel Zoe is then you’re about to find out. This style icon and fashion designer has taken it upon herself to bring subscribers a seasonal box full of 6 glamorously chic (and sometimes down right boujee) finds. Two mentionable items from Last season’s box include a Rachel Zoe Collection duster and a Lili Claspe necklace.

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Fun in the box subscription box

Price: $49.99/quarter

What’s Inside: This one is for the kiddos! Four times every year Fun-in-the-box will send out a package of 4-6 mom approved items for your little one to enjoy. The subscription box supports kids from the 0-8 years and always includes quality materials, a personalized item, an item that promotes quality time, and elements of fun, silliness, and joy!

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Boxt subscription box

Price: $29.99/quarter

What’s Inside: Finding products that are compatible with your skin takes work, and unfortunately money. Boxt ships out physician grade skin care product samples to you every 3 months based off your skin profile quiz. Each box has a minimum value of $80 and comes with exclusive member only discounts on the products that you end up loving – so you really get some bang for your buck.

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Your Model Box

Model Box

Price: £21-24.99/month (note – this was previously a quarterly subscription) 

What’s inside: What better way to unleash your inner nerd than with this quarterly subscription? Every time you receive a box it will be filled with miniature figurines and the necessary tools to bring them to life. It may take a lot of time, attention to detail, and massive amounts of patience, but the end result is always rewarding.

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