Subbly Supports Charities & Non-profits

At Subbly we value community, giving back and social causes. We have always been focused on helping people start and grow their businesses for profit by enabling them, however we felt there were more ways we could impact more people in a positive way.

Causes we support

Instead of just saying we support all charities and not-for-profits with their subscription billing and payment needs, we felt it was important we declare the exact causes we want to support that are close to our own hearts and the values of our team. We decided we should limit it to 6 main areas.

These are the areas that we are focused on:

  1. Environmental protection and preservation including cleaning our oceans
  2. Clean water and sanitation
  3. Child abuse
  4. Quality education for lower income areas and families
  5. Women in tech
  6. Domestic violence

All charities and non-profit organisations need support and have overheads and it’s very common for charities to process monthly payments, and it may even make sense to run a subscription box to generate more money.

What we’re doing

To help support these causes, we will give 1 year of free service of Subbly to any organisations that fit into any of these 6 areas of focus. This means there will be no monthly fees for the first year which is equivalent of up to ~$500 in donated services.

How do you participate?

If you’re an organisation that focuses on one of our 6 as listed above, then please contact our friendly support team where we will be able to help you.

Are there any requirements?

Yes, we do require to see some official documentation that proves the organisation exists is an official not-for-profit.

Thanks for reading,
Stefan Pretty, CEO