Reasons To Choose Subbly

We know, it's confusing :confounded:. There are many options out there and pros and cons to each. And it's almost as confusing as coding a solution yourself. So here's what we believe makes Subbly the right choice. And at the very least it will help you understand our values! If you have any questions let us know.

1. Our friendly support team are obsessed with helping you succeed :wave:

Our absolute main priority is providing the best customer experience possible to support you with succeeding with your business.

2. We're bootstrapped, so we try harder

We started with $0 in the bank and refused investor money, we believe in sustainable businesses. Another bi-product is we care more and work harder to provide the best service possible and listen to what our customers want. Also it means we're really personable.

We can only grow relative to how good our product and service is. So this keeps us sharp. Read our manifesto for more depth.

There are draw backs to being bootstrapped, like not being able to scale as quick as others, but we really thrive by having limited resources. It forces us to get creative.

3. Our software is extremely flexible

You don't need to contact us to unlock important features. We believe in control and flexibility whilst making it simple for you.

4. You actually own your customers :white_check_mark:

We don't restrict your data or hold your customers hostage, marketplaces do, unfortunately. Your customers are yours! Also here's some more on why we don't have a marketplace (we get asked a lot).

5. We like pretty things too! We want you to look your best :gem:

We have taken a lot of time to make sure your customer's experience is gorgeous and super intuitive. We love beautiful UI's and sensible UX's.

6. Super easy to use

We've taken the same passion for making your customers experience easy and applied it to making your experience easy to use as well.

7. Always improving, and really fast :zap:

Due to being bootstrapped and following lean principles, we move fast and improve fast. Just check out our recent product changes.

8. Awesome supportive community

Our community of entrepreneurs is active and growing. There is nothing more comforting and confidence building to know there's others like you in the same posiiton as you. It's like having a group of co-founders to share your exciting but tough journey with.

9. Focused on subscriptions

We are passionate and determined to make the perfect solution for subscription businesses. This means we really think about the best practices of subscription, and our solutions are engineered around the subscription business model at the core. It's not added as an after thought like other platforms.

10. We like round numbers

No really, we just didn't want to have the number end on 9.

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