Why Subbly?

There is a lot of confusion about which platform to choose to support your subscription business. First of all, there seems to be a lot of options. Secondly, don’t they all do the same thing? We wrote this page to explain our philosophy about subscription (and commerce more broadly) so you can make the best decision for your business. And hopefully by reading it, you’ll understand why we’re so passionate about you and your business.

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We believe that...

• All businesses are subscription businesses. Our founder explains on this vlog here.
• Subscribers and repeat customers are the same thing. They are the best type of customers you could possibly have.
• Subscription is complex and should be made easier and more accessible.
• Customers and great products are at the core of any great business; technology should enable that and not get in the way of it.
•  Technology and entrepreneurship are a little bit rock and roll.

And one more that deserves a whole section:

A subscription-first business deserves a subscription-first platform.

What does that mean? A subscription-first business is any business that relies on recurring revenue and repeat customers as a key part of their model.

Most subscription software treats subscription as just a feature of your business: they kind of support it, but it’s often unsophisticated and doesn’t integrate easily into your business or existing website. And in other cases they are simply not subscription-first, and are instead marketplace-first or website-builder first.

At Subbly, we know that subscription isn’t a feature - it’s a business model. Subbly builds simple to use technology that puts subscription at the core of every decision.

It is through these beliefs that Subbly has become a growing business and team of passionate people across five time zones. Along the way, we’ve been fortunate to have gained a fanatical following amongst subscription-first businesses who need technology built specifically for them.

The result of these beliefs...

The Only Subscription-First Commerce Platform

Now you know what subscription-first means, but what about “platform”? To be considered a true platform, we had to build Subbly as an all-in-one solution, not a tool or plugin that relies on other technologies to work. If you use Subbly, you don’t have to use or pay for any other technology unless you choose to (and yes, we integrate with many other technologies!).

It’s worth noting that Subbly is subscription-first, not subscription-only. That means our technology supports one-time transactions as well, and will continue to evolve with the needs of subscription-first businesses.

Best in Class Customer Support

Subscription-first businesses are customer centric by nature. If you’re entrusting Subbly to support your customer-centric business, it is our responsibility to provide you with the best support imaginable. In fact we’ve become known for our excellent customer support (check out our reviews here).

Community Driven Technology

Subbly is developed in collaboration with the very people who use it. Through our customer support, our online communities, and constantly seeking feedback and requests from customers, Subbly’s platform is built by listening to you. Want a feature or integration we don't offer currently? Request one here. We actually listen, respond, and act on your requests.

Rock ‘N Roll Culture

It’s not just our founder’s love for the guitar and rock music that makes this so important. Entrepreneurs often ignore conventional wisdom to carve their own path, to create, motivated by passion, pride and ambition.

Subbly was founded on our founders' rebelliousness and resilience to stand by his beliefs, and we know all founders can relate to this. It’s through these shared beliefs that we come together as a group of entrepreneurs, creating the future. Coming together with shared beliefs of empowerment is the very essence of Rock ‘N Roll culture.

Come rock with us! We want to build great things with you, and for you.

The Subbly team

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