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5 Golden Rules to Govern Your Supplier Negotiations

In a bid to join the massive subscription box market, you’ve connected with a supplier, and they like your hustle. Now it’s time to negotiate. The mere mention of the world reminds me of the hard selling environment in Glengarry Glen Ross. But negotiation doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, with the right strategy […]

May 23rd • 2017

6 Inventive Ways to Get Free Samples For Your Subscription Box

There is talk of how giving away free samples is no longer viable. However, the success of subscription boxes like BirchBox prove otherwise — a business that initially relied solely on free samples from large makeup companies. But if you aren’t convinced, here’s why free samples are the way to go, whether you have fund […]

May 23rd • 2017

Find Cheap Good Products for Your Subbox

The subscription box business model is still taking the eCommerce industry by storm, but budding subscription box business owners are still struggling with something pretty crucial: product curation. Established subscription box businesses can rely on a steady demand for their products, so they’re in a better position to order in bulk from large manufacturers and […]

May 23rd • 2017

The Art of Finding Products and Suppliers – 11 Unexpected Places to Look

You asked, we’re delivering… Recently I emailed 1,000’s our subscribers and asked them what they needed help with most, the top answer (27% to be precise) said they needed help with finding and sourcing suppliers and products for their subscription box. We hear you. This is definitely a head scratcher and so we’ve pulled our heads […]

Mar 31st • 2017

Refer-a-Friend Marketing: The Timeless Secret to Growing a Subscription Box Business

Despite the unique benefits of a subscription box business model, there’s no doubting that a static number of subscribers is a headache that comes as part of the package (pun intended). It goes without saying that marketing is the best way to increase a plateaued subscriber count, but a small marketing budget can easily put […]

Feb 27th • 2017

How to Leverage Instagram Influencer Marketing for Your Subscription Business

With over 600 million active monthly users, Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms around, that’s why it’s perfect for marketing your business. I’m going to share with you how to use Influencer Marketing to explode your business growth. But it’s not just a giant meme library (although you could be forgiven for […]

Feb 3rd • 2017

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