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This post is a guest post by Jana Lynch, a California born graduate of the University of Missouri. Currently marketing intern at a clean tech startup located in New York, Jana has a passion for copywriting and social media and once bought a plane ticket to London on a whim. Though there wasn’t a real lesson to be learned there because she did it again a few weeks later. . .

In the world of retail, subscription eCommerce is the new kid on the block. There are numerous articles, infographics, blog posts and press releases on why it is a wonderful idea to create subscription box e-commerce businesses, but fewer about why consumers should care about this new wave of merchants. It is critically important that a subscription company knows how to manage and run their business, but what’s in it for you? What do subscription businesses have that makes them better, or at least significantly different from all other shopping options? Allow me to explain.

1. Variety.

The arrival of your latest subscription box is like having Christmas in July… and September… and November, or whenever your order arrives really. The immediate thrill you get when you go shopping is there, but you didn’t have to work for it. Which brings me to number two.

2. No Lines, No Shopping Centers, No Undesirable Social Interactions.

I loathe having to interact with people when I shop. I bought my prom dress online, I bought my graduation outfit online, and there’s a good chance I’ll buy my wedding dress online. Traditional e-commerce is wonderful, but with subscription companies that offer regular deliveries of necessities like soaps, baby supplies, underwear or whatever you buy on the regular, you don’t need to worry about making a trip to the store and having to interact with the human population. It’s a beautiful thing really.

3. Forgot to Buy a Gift?

No problem. Subscription boxes themselves can make for great gifts. But on the off chance that you forgot to buy something for that person in your life that holds some degree of importance you can, if you’re willing, sacrifice an item from your box, or maybe the whole thing. It’s not like you won’t get another one next month.

4. Discounts!

To promote competition, many companies are offering subscribers a discount for using their services instead of shopping in brick-and-mortar locations. Direct savings coupled with the money you save from not having to go to the store equals more money in your pocket for fun things. Like snacks to eat while you’re perusing subscription box options on the interweb.

5. So Many Choices.

New subscription e-commerce companies are born every day and the ideas people are coming up with are brilliant. Certain markets are more saturated than others, but that means more choices for you and more pride for the company that they made the cut. (Its a lot like dating really. The competitors are all vying for your attention, but of all the choices presented to you, you picked them. What a beautiful start to your relationship.)

Are you a subscriber to a subscription e-commerce company? Tell us about your experience…!

By Stefan
Founder & CEO of Subbly