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What’s Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and Why It’s Important for Your Subscription Business

Understanding your business’s ARPU will give you more than just numbers - it will provide you with insights for strategy improvement. Read how to nail it.

Apr 29th • 2021

Top 26 Book Subscription Boxes for 2021

Book subscription box is the right instrument to build a thriving subscription business targeted at book aficionados. Get inspired by our selection!

Apr 23rd • 2021

Subscription or Membership Business Model: Which Is For You?

The membership business model offers many of the benefits of a subscription model, but there are key differences you need to understand before you choose it.

Apr 15th • 2021

Smart and Effective Subscription Pricing Strategies

Subscription pricing strategy is key to business success, so don’t neglect promotional incentives, annual fee, free trial, pay-as-you-go, and other models.

Apr 8th • 2021

Stripe vs PayPal: Which One to Use?

Whatever stage your subscription business is at, if you can’t decide whether Stripe or PayPal is the right choice, this guide is here to help.

Apr 5th • 2021

All You Need to Know about Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about Monthly Recurring Revenue, why it’s good for your business, and how to implement it.

Apr 1st • 2021

Top 100 Subscription Box Companies in 2021

Popular and inspiring: discover the top 100 subscription box companies — from mega-brands to startups, such as Birchbox, Hello Fresh, Kiwi Co, and more.

Mar 26th • 2021

Key Subscription Business Model Metrics and KPIs

Track these subscription business model metrics to keep your business on track and build a profitable long-term venture.

Mar 16th • 2021

Nothing Tugs at the Heartstrings Quite like Subscription Churn

Nothing can tear at your heartstrings worse than a breakup and for many business owners that is exactly what church feels like.

Mar 11th • 2021

Top Subscription Boxes For Women in 2021

Mix of makeup, jewelry, home goods, bath and body essentials, edible treats - these and other lovely subscription boxes for women highlight girls’ liking diversity.

Mar 8th • 2021

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