Arts and crafts are fun, therapeutic, and mood-boosting. However, they can also be time-consuming and pricey when it comes to supplies. Thus, arts and crafts subscription boxes seem to provide the perfect answer: they allow customers to save time when looking for projects and supplies and save money by accessing exactly what they need for a given project. Customers can enjoy a sweet offer, a coupon, a membership discount, club competitions, exclusive goodies, and more perks, depending on the vendor. The vendors, in their turn, get loyal customers and stable, predictable business profits.

Let’s dive right in and see how vendors put creativity in a box and how they attract and encourage customers to stay with them. Check out the overview of our top 15 arts and crafts subscription boxes for 2021 to get some ideas for your subscription business or pleasure. 

Disclaimer: Be careful! Some of the clubs are so cool you might end up joining them rather than competing.

1. Adults&Crafts

Looking for a craft subscription box for adults that is fun and a little offbeat? Take a look at Adults&Crafts. Their monthly boxes let subscribers explore a wide range of crafts and techniques. Every box includes all the materials, tools, and instructions needed to complete a given project. All the materials you receive are carefully curated.

The subscription price is $33.00 if paid monthly. You can also choose to be billed every three, six, or 12 months, which reduces your overall spend. For this price, you will be able to make unique functional items, such as serving trays, candles, clocks, mug stands, and more. Adults&Crafts offer craft kits, craft party packs, and virtual craft parties, which are as relevant as ever during the health crisis context.

2. KiwiCo

This subscription craft box offers art and design projects for everyone over 14 years old. To join the maker community of KiwiCo, you choose your age and passion, plan, and then your first box will be shipped within two days. However, with this service, you cannot select a box theme.

KiwiCo boxes are delivered every month, and the price starts at $24.95 per box. The designs offered by this company are gender-neutral and up-to-date. If you are looking for something more serious, you can opt for science and art projects that will definitely keep your mind and hands busy. 

3. The Crafter’s Box

This craft box subscription service offers monthly subscription boxes accompanied by step-by-step video tutorials from expert makers. With this subscription, you can learn a new crafting technique every month. Each box offers all the materials and tools required to successfully complete your project. If the announced monthly box is not to your liking, you have three options to swap between without having to pay extra. 

The subscription starts at $65/month. This is definitely not a low-budget service, but the carefully curated materials and tools you receive are worth the money. What’s more, you will also have lifetime access to their craft workshops.

4. Smart Art

Smart Art is an art subscription box service that offers monthly boxes with full-sized art supplies, high-quality materials, and step-by-step projects. An easy-to-follow six-step tutorial accompanies every project. Popular YouTube artists make the tutorials, and users can post their finished projects to join a monthly competition. According to their website, the box is the best fit for experienced artists looking for new things to try in art.

For $49.95/month, you can draw, color, paint, and sketch to complete your project as suggested in the box. There are quarterly and semiannual plans available as well. Alternatively, you can use the supplies to create a project of your own design. Some of the recent boxes included projects such as ink sketching, soft pastels, and acrylic pouches. 

5. Home Made Luxe Craft Kit

Home Made Luxe offers some of the best craft subscription boxes for those fond of Pinterest-worthy home DIY projects and decor. Each monthly box comes packed full with all the materials and instructions you need, as well as clear instructions with text and picture explanations, plus a video tutorial.

You can start crafting for the subscription cost of $39.99/month. Some of their past projects include monogram letters, seasonal wreaths, and wall decor. You can also purchase one-time craft kits to make things like a wood bead wreath, hand-knitted round pillow, round pegboard kit, and even bath bombs. 

6. Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club

If you are looking for something more personal, take a look at this service. Every month, they send out boxes that let you create meaningful handmade treasures for you and your close ones. Each kit includes all the necessary materials and instructions, apart from common household items (like scissors or glue). 

The starting subscription price is $19.99/month. You can learn a new craft like painting, needlecraft, beading, candle and soap making, mixed-media crafts, and more every month. Past projects include bracelets, cards, wall decor, candleholders, and Christmas tree decor. You will also find a limited number of individual kits to make things like a purse or a basket as well.

7. Pipsticks

This kids craft subscription box is a monthly collection of stickers, shipped to your doorstep. It is the perfect activity for children over three years old. You can use stickers in arts and crafts, add them to your sticker books, use them as rewards, and more. Every themed box of stickers is friendly to little fingers to inspire creativity and make it simple.

The starting subscription cost is $11.95/month. Every Kid’s Club sticker pack includes a giant puffy sticker, scratch and sniff sticker, activity book, and a postcard storage pouch. There is a pro pack for older sticker fans, suitable for tweens, teens, and adults. A broad range of sticker designs, including glitter, foil, and neon finishes, add extra appeal. 

8. KnitCrate

This is a craft box subscription for adults who love knitting. Every month, you will receive premium artist-dyed yarn for different projects. Subscription and membership options include Quick-to-Stitch™, Sock Knit & Crochet Club™, Malabrigo Quarterly Club™, and Mrs. Crosby Travels Quarterly Club. Every box comes with fresh project ideas and carefully curated instructions

Knit & Crochet Monthly Club is available for $29.99/month, Sock Knit & Crochet Monthly Club comes for $24.99/crate, and the Malabrigo Quarterly Club is $49.99. Different offers exist based on membership length. If you complete impressive projects made with KnitCrate yarns, you can win free membership for three, six months, or a whole year. You can even win the privilege of previewing the next month’s boxes and themes. The website also offers knitting courses, crochet courses, and yarn dyeing courses. 

9. Craft in Style

If you are looking for modern and stylish craft supplies to complete Pinterest-worthy projects, take a look at this subscription box. A new themed box will arrive on your doorstep every month, containing anything from watercolors, calligraphy ink, and acrylic paint pouring to terrarium and soap making kits. A common theme unites the range of projects in one box.

With every monthly box, subscribers get easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by blog posts, videos, and Facebook Live videos.

You can get this box starting from $41.97/month. Some of the past projects include wall printing sets, yarn wall hanging, dip-dyed blankets, and mermaid bath bombs. 

10. We Craft Box

This is a subscription for parents who would like to spend more quality time with their children but don’t have time for the preparation work. Every monthly box is themed and contains all the materials you need for the craft, organized around a theme. There is an original story about the project to boost the maker’s imagination, as well as photo instructions. Every box has enough materials for two children. 

This craft subscription box for kids is available for $29.99/month. One-time boxes can also be found on the website for $29.99. Some of the We Craft Box themes included jungle safari, pirates and mermaids, under the sea, and the busy bees.

11. Craft Society

Is brewing craft beer at home a hobby, a craft, or an art? Craft Society makes it an exciting journey in any case. They offer a monthly craft beer subscription box with a new super-secret homebrew recipe kit every month. There are surprising exotic ingredients and challenging techniques to try every time.  

This craft subscription box gives adult beer fans the opportunity to experiment with their favorite drink and make it unique and personal.

The first kit costs from $54 to $270 based on the plan you pick (Journeyman, Apprentice, Master Explorer, or Pioneer) and your chosen subscription duration (month to month or three months prepaid). The smallest first box includes the Initiation Stout Recipe, membership identification, countertop protection, a gold-plated goblet, and adhesive credentials. The biggest box comes with a lot of goodies and even brewing equipment. After that, each box can cost from $20 to $50 based on the same criteria. If you are a beginner brewer, you can purchase all the necessary equipment from the same vendor.

12. BeadCrate

This monthly box for bead enthusiasts is packed with hand-curated beads. The beads come in different sizes and styles. Every box is different and original. There is either a theme, a random collection of beads, or an inspiring selection. Active members of the community can help choose the next box theme, win extra boxes, and take part in the design of the monthly contest.

This subscription is suitable for users over six years old. 

The smallest box costs $18.50/month. One-time boxes are available for those who are not ready to commit to a subscription.

13. Green Kid Crafts

This is a monthly science and art subscription service for children. Created for children from two to ten, every box contains four to six engaging art and science projects. A key aspect of Green Kid Crafts boxes is that they are made with the environment in mind. Founded by an environmental scientist, the service aims to empower the next generation of environmental leaders.

There are hands-on activities, a 12-page magazine, and some extra learning opportunities sent to subscribers’ emails in every box.

All the products from the box are recycled and suitable for multiple crafts. This box is available for $24.95/month. There are numerous one-time boxes available on the website as well.

14. Paletteful Packs

With this service, you will receive a themed box of art supplies every month. Materials change from month to month, so one month, you might get graphite and charcoal, and the next, you might get acrylic paint, pastel, and so on. Every box comes with a complete set of tools and materials needed to complete an art project.

With this subscription, you can discover new brands of art supplies or try the time-proven ones. A digital page for every box shows its contents, with tips, techniques, and prompts.

Box choices include Petite Pack, Paletteful Pack, and Young Artist. The subscription price starts at $24/month. You can watch the unboxing video of every box on the Paletteful Packs YouTube channel. 

15. The Inky Box

For those interested in calligraphy, there is the Inky Box. Every month, it comes with a selection of lettering tools, practice sheets and supplies, and versatile greeting cards designed by top lettering artists. The retail price of the materials and supplies is much higher than you pay for your box subscription.

Past boxes include items like metallic brush markers, metallic fiber pens, acrylic ornaments, black paper notebooks, metallic colored pencils, brush pens, and downloadable practice sheets.

The subscription starts at $14.99/month. There is also a Beginner box available for $19.99, suitable for those just beginning their lettering journey.

16. Craft + Boogie

This box offers a fantastic option for parents looking for ways to spend more fun and quality time with their children. Every themed box comes with at least three projects for a parent and child to complete. What’s more, every box also includes games and activities for the whole family. As an additional bonus, you will receive a link to a themed Spotify playlist.

All in all, it’s a monthly family party in a box, shipped to your doorstep.

The starting price of a subscription is $24.95/month. One-time kits are available as well. Some of the many box themes include tooth fairy, happy camper, and women’s equality. This vendor also donates a part of their profits to a good cause, sending free craft kits to children in foster care, hospitals, and under-resourced schools with the help of charity organizations. 

17. Bargain Bead Box

This is a box for crafters fond of bead art. You won’t find any cheap plastic beads in this box. What you will get is a collection of designer-quality beads made of glass, gemstone, crystal, and metal. Charms, clasps, and pendants accompany the beads. In every box, there are 12 to 16 full-sized items, united by a monthly theme.

Some of the past themes include regal, merry and bright, coffee shop, foliage, desert sun, and starfish beach.

The subscription starts at $17.95/month. Cratejoy works with the manufacturers directly, so they get the best prices. If you were to pay retail prices, you could expect to pay over $50 per box. 

With subscription services becoming increasingly popular, vendors continue to come up with brilliant ideas for boxes relating to any hobby or interest you could possibly have. The market is so huge now that customers can find anything from sketch and knit boxes to witchcraft subscription boxes. Now that competition is more fierce, it’s vital to make your online business run as smoothly as possible. Try Subbly for free with a 14-day free trial to boost your craft monthly subscription box business performance.

By Ann Bailey
Сontent creator at Subbly