The subscription industry gets bigger and bigger every day, yet amongst all the newbies, there’s some individuals out there that have been in the game since day one, honing their crafts and discovering the secrets to subscription success.

All people featured on this list meet these 3 main criteria:

  • They run or have previously run a successful subscription business of their own
  • They offer free or paid consulting or coaching sessions
  • They regularly release content about the subscription business industry

Now, ready to discover their stories and learn from their top-notch insight? Let’s get started!

Subscription industry experts: our favorites for 2024

Liam Brennan

“The best thing about a subscription box business is that the barriers to entry are very low to set one up. You don’t need to spend thousands on developers to design software. You don’t need to risk your life savings to go into retail. You don’t need to take out a massive bank loan to buy stock for 12 months.”
Liam Brennan
Liam Brennan, Subbly Expert and co-founder of BusterBox

Liam Brennan is the co-founder of BusterBox, one of the subscription industry’s biggest success stories. Started in 2016 with just a few thousand Euros, Liam scaled the company into a multi-million Euro behemoth before becoming a consultant with a mission to help other brands do the same. Now, Liam works with founders and subscription business operators across the world, steering them towards achieving the same degree of success. Whether you want to join his subscription ecommerce course, sign up for a 1-1 consulting session, or even just peruse his blog, any interaction you have with Liam with regards to the subscription box world will be nothing but high value.

Check out this podcast for more insight from Liam.

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Alex Fleck

“The simplest truth of a subscription business is that engineering real success is all about creating an offering that people 1) easily understand and 2) believe they strongly need in their lives. Crack those two elements, and you’ll have yourself a real business with incredible potential.”
Alex Fleck
Alex Fleck, Subbly Expert and founder of Zenith Online Marketing

Alex Fleck is a serial subscription entrepreneur who’s first experience building businesses were all the way back in 2010. Having spent years building brands in niches from education and sales training to marketing and skincare, Alex’s most recent ventures have been in the watch business, with his monthly subscription box The Keeper Box almost ready to launch. As an industry expert, Alex’s specialties are in launches, web design, ecommerce, conversion strategy and user flow optimization, skills he shares both with the Subbly community as a Subbly Expert as well as with his course members and as a guest lecturer at Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania.

Check out this webinar we ran with Alex for some initial insight.

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Gary Redmond

“A subscription box business can change your life, just like it has changed mine. I firmly believe email marketing is the key ingredient to the business and the life that you want.”
Gary Redmond
Gary Redmond, Co-founder of BusterBox

Gary Redmond is the co-founder of BusterBox, a dog subscription box based in Ireland and the UK that has reached over $10m in sales in just a few years. Gary also mentors and consults for other subscription based businesses, and is the creator of Subscription Box Email Secrets, an online training program and community with a primary focus on using email marketing for subscriber growth, customer retention and driving profitability and lifetime value (LTV) on the backend. To date, Gary has helped dozens of founders implement the exact strategies that have taken his business to multiple thousands of subscribers.

Check out Gary’s podcast with Subbly founder Stefan Pretty for some up-to-date insight:

Julie Ball

“It’s essential to have strong relationships with customers in order to maintain a successful business, especially in the subscription box industry, where subscribers pay for a service and expect to receive value for their money.”
Julie Ball
Julie Ball, Subbly Expert, subscription box coach, and founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow

To date, Julie Ball has helped thousands of women around the world turn their subscription business ideas into reality through a combination of coaching programs, subscription podcast content, and other resources. Known as one of the brains behind Sparkle Hustle Grow!, a wildly successful subscription box that’s shipped over 65k units worth almost $2.5m to date, Julie Ball is an unstoppable force in the industry. Savvy in a way that’s gotten her featured on Forbes, Entrepreneurs on Fire, POPSUGAR, USA Today and more — it’s definitely worth diving into Julie’s world if you want to up your game.

Check out this podcast from Julie Ball for some timely advice on social media:

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Chris George

“I am wildly passionate about sharing the lessons and tips I have learned, that nobody told me, with the wave of entrepreneurs that come after me.”
Chris George (via Authority Magazine)
Chris George (via Authority Magazine), Co-founder and Chairman of SUBTA and SubSummit

Chris George is one of the most recognisable names in the subscription industry. As the Chairman and Co-Founder of both SUBTA (The Subscription Trade Association) and SubSummit, the biggest annual subscription industry conference, as well as a seasoned entrepreneur with a range of successes under his belt, Chris has more than earned his reputation as one of the scene’s biggest thought leaders.

Listen to this podcast to get a sense of what Chris is about — the advice is evergreen!

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Sarah Williams

“Some of my mentors and peers have dubbed me the Subscription Box Queen. This makes me laugh because it’s not like I have the best subscriptions or the most subscribers. In truth, I feel it’s due to really nailing the concept of how to bring consistent, recurring revenue into product-based businesses.”
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams, Founder of Launch Your Box

Sarah Williams got her start in the subscription industry over half a decade ago, since which she’s owned and operated numerous successful subscription businesses of her own. Efficiently turning her own path to success into a blueprint for others to follow, Sarah has amassed a devoted following of both her social media content as well as her course, Launch Your Box, designed to help followers jumpstart their journeys to recurring revenue.

Check out this podcast with some excellent starter advice from Sarah:

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By Zaki Gulamani
Editor-In-Chief at Subbly