We’re excited to announce the launch of Predictive Churn AI, the latest tool in our arsenal to help merchants identify and crush churn months in advance.

This AI model is trained on over 2 million behavioral, demographic, and financial data points, and demonstrates 91.7% prediction accuracy on training data.

The way it works is simple:

The model works by automatically collecting all the necessary data points for each of your subscriptions, and analyzing them against a vast proprietary database of over 2 million historical data points to return an individual churn risk (1%-99%) for all of your active subscriptions. 

To ensure you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips, the churn risk is recalculated with every important subscription event.

This insight allows you to focus your energy where it’s needed most — improving your relationships with the highest-priority subscribers, rather than spending hours searching for clues and putting out fires.

Using the Predictive Churn AI, you can accelerate your business growth by increasing retention through targeted outreach to subscribers, such as adding a free item or applying an exclusive discount to their next order(s). 

Moreover, once you’ve identified patterns and found the most effective processes to rescue risky subscriptions, you can build them into a flow with Subbly’s automations and eliminate the manual work entirely.

Here’s some examples of what you can do with Churn AI and automations (which will trigger once the customer’s churn risk hits a certain point):

  1. Send an email inviting customers to provide detailed feedback — a personal touch which is great at increasing retention.
  2. Create a survey to automatically be sent to customers to obtain personal insight, quicker than asking for individual feedback but just as effective.
  3. Automatically apply a coupon for a special discount or free product and notify customers by email or SMS — these offers can be particularly powerful at getting customers’ attention.
  4. Add a free item to the customer’s next shipment… a little bonus is always welcome, and can help sway a subscriber’s mind before they have a chance to think about cancelling.
  5. Create a special long-lasting coupon that the customer can use for their next order or on an additional subscription, providing some extended value to give them more time to experience why your offering is worth sticking around for.

There’s no need to wait until a subscriber decides to cancel their subscription, now you can delight them before they even think about cancelling.

There’s a flip side to it too — Predictive Churn AI will also show you all your subscriptions with low churn risks, who are the perfect targets to upsell additional products to!

Predictive Churn AI is available as a paid add-on for $29/month. You can view the churn risk of your subscriptions on the subscriptions page. The top five riskiest subscriptions are available to everyone, even without the AI powerup. Want to try it for yourself today? Sign up for Subbly today!

P.S. All data used to train the model and predict churn risk is anonymized and complies with personal data regulations, including GDPR.

By Zaki Gulamani
Editor-In-Chief at Subbly