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How To Set Up A Pre-launch Page For Your Subscription Box Service

The main goal of the pre-launch campaign is to raise interest and curiosity for your soon-to-be-launched business (turning visitors into an audience, then into loyal customers). Your objective should be to turn indifference into interest and then, magically transform that attraction into idolization. What is a pre-launch? Though this is actually self-explanatory, a pre-launch comes […]

May 31st • 2017

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Shipping

Imagine the most beautiful stack of perfectly designed subscription boxes, filled with both useful and appealing products. I know, no need to imagine, as that probably perfectly describes your gorgeous stack of subscription boxes. You would subscribe to your own offer, if only you could, wouldn’t you? All the time and money you invested in […]

May 25th • 2017

Communication Basics for a Subscription Business: Transactional Emails 101

Wouldn’t it be nice if one could only pick the best products, put them in some beautiful boxes and ship it to those can’t-wait-to-get-it subscribers and voila! Job done. As tempting as that sounds, the reality of any business owner is rather different and much more complex. It includes a lot of planning, strategizing, learning […]

May 24th • 2017

5 Golden Rules to Govern Your Supplier Negotiations

In a bid to join the massive subscription box market, you’ve connected with a supplier, and they like your hustle. Now it’s time to negotiate. The mere mention of the world reminds me of the hard selling environment in Glengarry Glen Ross. But negotiation doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, with the right strategy […]

May 23rd • 2017

6 Inventive Ways to Get Free Samples For Your Subscription Box

There is talk of how giving away free samples is no longer viable. However, the success of subscription boxes like BirchBox prove otherwise — a business that initially relied solely on free samples from large makeup companies. But if you aren’t convinced, here’s why free samples are the way to go, whether you have fund […]

May 23rd • 2017

Find Cheap Good Products for Your Subbox

The subscription box business model is still taking the eCommerce industry by storm, but budding subscription box business owners are still struggling with something pretty crucial: product curation. Established subscription box businesses can rely on a steady demand for their products, so they’re in a better position to order in bulk from large manufacturers and […]

May 23rd • 2017

Ultimate Guide to Custom Packaging & Design for Subscription Boxes

Getting into the subscription box business can be an exciting, rewarding, but quite a confusing journey. Many challenges can appear, such as choosing the right packaging that will make the subscribers jump, scream or faint (or preferably all three) of joy when they lay their eyes on the box. That’s how the experience of getting […]

May 5th • 2017

15 Unique Examples of Subscription Box Packaging

They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but what about a box? Is the visual element really that important? The truth is, yes, branding is a critical part of marketing for any business, especially for subscription businesses. We humans are visual creatures, after all. And for a sub-box adventure in particular, the […]

Apr 30th • 2017

Custom Print or Stickers? What You Should Do For Your Subscription Box Package

Remember that moment of anticipation, when you’re holding an unwrapped birthday present in your hands? You’re trying to figure out what is inside by shaking and turning the box around, while closely observing the reaction of your gift-giver, with an insightful Sherlock-worthy attitude. Subscription boxes bring this kind of joy to people all around the […]

Apr 30th • 2017

How To Start a Subscription Box Business

If you’re reading this page you should be considering starting a subscription box business (aka “subbox”). Otherwise, you have an established business, but you’re looking to add the power of subscription payments to your business model.  We’ve drafted this easy to follow guide which covers everything you need to know about launching (Part 1) and […]

Apr 11th • 2017

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