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Subscription eCommerce: What’s in it For You?

This post is a guest post by Jana Lynch, a California born graduate of the University of Missouri. Currently marketing intern at a clean tech startup located in New York, Jana has a passion for copywriting and social media and once bought a plane ticket to London on a whim. Though there wasn’t a real […]

Aug 8th • 2014

5 Ways to Create Subscription Box Descriptions That Sell

Writing product descriptions that describes your subscription box and items included in your subscription box sounds fairly straight forward right? But, this is something even experienced copywriters get wrong… Your descriptive copy should ‘sell’ your product, not just “describe” it. Think about it, the description is the first thing a customer sees and is your […]

Aug 6th • 2014

4 Alternatives to Cratejoy | Subbly

With the subscription commerce space booming with the recent success of companies such as BirchBox, BarkBox and the hundreds of other subscription box based businesses more and more retailers and one man bands are quickly realizing the value of setting up a subscription box business. The problem has traditionally been “where do I start?” and […]

Aug 1st • 2014

8 Benefits of a Subscription Box Model

Gourmet food samples, pet stuff, manly grooming products and of course cosmetics. Everywhere you look nowadays you see people receiving membership boxes in the mail. Why? Because the benefits of creating your own subscription or membership box company are invaluable and the concept is so simple; customers pay a subscription fee that varies from quarterly […]

Jul 31st • 2014

What Is Subbly? 5 Things You Need to Know about the Subscription Box eCommerce Platform

1. What Is Subbly? “Subbly is an all-in-one subscription eCommerce solution that provides vendors with everything they need to set up a subscription box business on one simple platform.” So you’ve been embracing your entrepreneurial side, you’ve just quit your day job and started playing around with a few business ideas. After some research you’ve […]

Jul 30th • 2014

3 Ways Being Featured on Product Hunt Helped Launch Our Startup

We launched Subbly just a few weeks ago. The plan was to soft launch without hitting the PR button and just begin working with the customers we already had lined up to use Subbly. It wasn’t long before we realized that it’s impossible to have complete control over a launch (such is startup life). Word […]

Jul 25th • 2014

How to Start a Subscription Box Business

We get asked “how do I start a subscription box business?” a lot! Starting your own subscription box business (a.k.a Subscription eCommerce) is not as hard as you think and it’s a super fast growing market with loads of benefits. The likes of Birchbox and Barkbox are pioneering the way and have inspired an influx […]

Jul 25th • 2014

10 Best Practices for Online Subscription Business Models

The benefits of starting a subscription box business are a plenty. To begin with there’s the obvious higher average customer lifetime value than traditional non-recurring business models. Then there’s customer momentum and loyalty rewards not to mention the future potential for future purchases and cross selling. So what are some best practises for online subscription […]

Jul 10th • 2014

What is Subscription Commerce? 7 Things You Need To Know

Don’t already know what Subscription Commerce is? Well, think magazines subscriptions but for just about anything. That’s subscription commerce and there are two different types: Convenience Commerce – Receiving the same products automatically on a repeat purchase basis. Discovery Commerce – Helps consumers discover and sample new products they might not have otherwise known about. Perhaps […]

Jun 27th • 2014

Subscription Ecommerce, A New Kind of Lifestyle Business

If you have ever had milk, newspapers, eggs or any kind of product delivered on a regular basis, then you were a customer of Subscription Commerce. Subscription Commerce has been a business model for a very long time and has always stuck around proving useful even in today’s modern age. Now thanks to modern technology […]

Mar 7th • 2014

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