SUBTA, the world’s biggest subscription trade association, is the driving force behind SubSummit, the industry’s biggest conference. Like Subbly, SUBTA’s also recognized that there’s many different types of subscription business models, each with their unique challenges but also with their unique opportunities. With this understanding in mind, SUBTA continues to advance the world of subscription business through a mix of in-person and online events, resource sharing, and more. 

Aside from publishing a variety of blog content on subscription businesses, SUBTA also runs a subscription industry podcast (called The Subscription Podcast) and a YouTube channel (called SUBTA Studios), all available to the public for free – just like this:

For paying members of their subscription business community, there’s even more to look forward to, with a range of resources and databases to source information from as well as a global network of subscription-first entrepreneurs and industry discounts.

The beauty of SUBTA is that membership is both platform and role-agnostic. Whatever stage you are in your subscription business journey and however you’ve structured your business, SUBTA membership puts you in direct contact with the resources you need to kick things up a notch — even if you’re still figuring out how to start off.

SUBTA sees the subscription economy as being composed of 6 broad categories of business: subscription boxes, subscribe and save, memberships, media/publications, digital/software, and streaming. Here’s a brief overview of how SUBTA defines each type of business: 

  • Subscription boxes: recurring deliveries of unique products, such as FabFitFun, Blue Apron, and BattleBox.
  • Subscribe and save: companies that offer one-time purchase options as well as subscriptions at a discounted rate, like Chewy, Amazon, and Harry’s.
  • Membership: models where subscribers pay a recurring fee for access to the benefits that come with the offering, like Costco, Planet Fitness, and Peloton.
  • Media/publication: In a nutshell, broadcasting, publication, and other information-related subscriptions, like Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.
  • Digital/software: Any products or technology that can be accessed via a device, including SaaS companies like Dropbox, Adobe, or Microsoft.
  • Streaming: companies providing access to music and video services, like Disney+, Netflix, and Apple TV.

What are the benefits of joining SUBTA?

  • Support the subscription industry alongside a range of other partners including Ipsy, Meta, Alo, Netflix, FabFitFun, DoorDash, BuzzFeed, Google, and Wyze.
  • Discover new ways to optimize your business processes and wow both existing and potential subscribers, no matter your model.
  • Connect with over 2,000 like-minded individuals and Subbly Experts like Julie Ball at the world’s largest subscription-focused industry event, SubSummit.

Source: SubSummit

SUBTA was founded by Paul Chambers, who currently serves as CEO, Christopher George, who serves as Chairman of the Board, and John Haji — all 3 co-founders of Gentleman’s Box, which got acquired in 2020.

Paul is a long-time subscription entrepreneur and the founder of Core3 Solutions, the parent company of various subscription businesses including Gentleman’s Box and Moka Boka.

Christopher George is also a serial entrepreneur — having both launched and managed 7 businesses to date, an experience which he shares across the country at universities and industry events alike to empower others to find their own success.

John Haji has been involved in the subscription world since 2014, during which time he’s found significant success, earning himself a Crain Detroit’s 40 under 40 award along the way before branching out to become a mentor dedicated to empowering the next generation of subscription box owners.

To become a SUBTA member, head directly to their website. Businesses also looking at becoming a partner and getting in front of SUBTA’s massive network of D2C brands can find details on pricing and partnership packages there as well. Subbly are proud to support organizations like them helping to advance the subscription business industry and all those who take part in it. 

For those looking to take their first steps into the world of subscription commerce and start a business themselves, joining SUBTA is a great resource — but even more fundamental is choosing the right tools for the job. Subbly’s 14-day free trial is a great place to start… get started today!

By Zaki Gulamani
Editor-In-Chief at Subbly