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Top 20+ Subscription Boxes for Men in 2021

Resourceful merchants have found creative ways to make men happy, one box at a time, in turn making men’s subscription boxes dramatically grow in popularity in recent years. It’s no surprise, as there’s really something special about opening a box of treats that’s tailored for your exact taste and delivered straight to your door. Whether you’re a picky foodie, a sports fan, or a hobbyist, you’ll find a subscription service that perfectly suits you. Plus, subscription boxes also make awesome gifts for birthdays, father’s day, or other holidays.

With subscription e-commerce platforms like Subbly handling the technical side of things, merchants specializing in subscription boxes for men can finally devote all their energy to keeping customers satisfied. You’ll see it in every successful package they deliver.

Selecting the perfect men’s subscription box isn’t that easy. That’s why we’ve created the list of the best men’s subscription boxes that cover a variety of interests based on customer reviews.

So here are 20+ of the best subscription boxes for men in 2021. You’re welcome to learn from their creative ideas or even find ways to forge collaborations.

Let’s dive in and explore the best men’s subscription boxes:

1. Corkscrew Island

Subscription boxes for men - Corcscrew Island

Our list of the best subscription boxes starts with the Corkscrew Island subscription box. Dads love buying Corkscrew Island boxes for the adventurous young learners at home (although a little coaxing may reveal that the treat is mostly for the “kids at heart”). 

Each box unveils an immersive story that provides fun learning opportunities. It also includes a complete set of machine and robot parts that parents and children can assemble together. Players get to navigate a world of magical characters, enchanted forests, and hidden treasures. 

Scientific explanations are injected into the stories to help the players gain a clear understanding of engineering concepts. This subscription box is a fun way to nurture and encourage your budding geniuses at home!

The monthly fee starts at $34.99.

2. Model Box

Model Box

Adding to the list of the best monthly subscription boxes for men is the longest-running service in the wargaming niche, the UK-based Model Box. They focus mainly on miniature wargaming, a form of wargaming that uses miniature physical models to enact battles between military forces.

The miniature industry has grown immensely since it first arrived on the wargaming scene in the 1980s. Its largest producer, Games Workshop, made whopping sales of £256.6 million in 2019. The whole miniature wargaming industry earned $355 million in the same year, a significant jump from $285 million in 2018. The thriving community of miniature enthusiasts is expected to keep growing.

Model Box works with both new and established companies to deliver carefully curated sets of miniatures, paints, and hobby equipment, offering original supplies from companies an average hobbyist may have never heard of before.  

One month you could be creating a sci-fi battleground, and the next month you could be putting together a WWII infantry base. Each box brings new surprises!

Deals start at around $30 (£21.99) per month.

3. Society Socks

Sock Subscription Package - Society Socks Club, HD Png Download - kindpng

You might have already guessed that Society Socks delivers socks. Although we don’t normally associate socks with something truly exciting, Society Socks offers cool apparel with stylish prints subscribers really adore (we’ve read the reviews!). And yes, it’s a real time saver. What is even more amazing is that the company donates two pairs of socks to people in need for each order.

Cost: $19.00 a month. 

4. Warpfire

Subscription boxes for men - Warpfire

Can’t get enough of blazing fantasy miniatures?

Warhammer players love the game but not the absurd expenses that go with it. Warpfire is here to make the hobby much more affordable. They provide subscribers with $40 worth of miniatures and accessories for only $25! 

Warhammer is a miniature wargame that simulates battles in a medieval fantasy setting. The game has seen huge success since it was first created in 1983. Warhammer maker Games Workshop made sales of £168.8 million in the second half of 2020, successfully overcoming the hurdles of the pandemic.

Dubbed the Warpcrate, Warpfire’s subscription box ensures players always have new models for emerging armies and rulebooks. It’s perfect for casual gamers, professional tournament players, and hobbyists who enjoy painting miniatures.

You can expect to pay at least $25 monthly for this subscription box

5. Birchbox Man

Monthly Grooming Subscription Box for Men | Birchbox

Looking for ways to enhance your grooming routine? Consider Birchbox Man, a subscription box for men that has won multiple glowing reviews due to their awesome selection of products and excellent customer service. Their subscribers receive a box filled with 5 grooming product samples every month.Price: $10 a month.

6. Smitty’s Fly Box


Hooked on fly fishing? You’ll definitely love this men’s subscription box, like a lot of fans do, according to their reviews.

Fly fishing brings art to the outdoorsy activity with artificial lures and engaging patterns — and many have taken the bait. In the US alone,, 7 million people went fly fishing in 2019. They made a total of 76.7 million fly fishing trips throughout the year!

Complete with flies, materials, and step-by-step instructions, Smitty’s Fly Box is perfect for people who are only just getting their feet wet in the world of fly fishing. Those who have some experience in this nontraditional sport can opt for intermediate boxes. 

Have fun working on new patterns every month!

Deals start at $20 per month.

7. The Baseball Box

Subscription boxes for men - The Baseball Box

No baseball enthusiast can resist The Baseball Box. With this subscription, it’s like Christmas for your inner fan delivered straight to your door every month. 

Each box is personally prepared by Nick Shaw, a former MLB player. Drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2010, Shaw knows the excitement of receiving new gear delivered in a box — after working as a coach for little leaguers after retiring from the professional world, seeing the kids use worn-out gear inspired him to share the excitement of a batter’s box. 

Shaw now regularly sends boxes full of baseball swag, customized gear, dugout snacks, and instructional booklets and videos to high school players and little leaguers. A Pittsburgh Pirates player has even signed up! Who would say no to a box of gear delivered straight from a pro?Subscribers love getting a chuckle out of the monthly joke included in every box (and the reviews prove that). The lucky ones even get featured as the Subscriber Of The Month. What better way to keep ballplayers pumped up and inspired?

Deals start at $38 monthly. 

8. Watch Gang

Watch Gang

If you’re like most men, you’re probably obsessed with watches. 

You simply can’t go wrong with the Watch Gang subscription service. They have the perfect watches for posh executives, rugged adventurers, and everyone in between. 

Subscribers receive a monthly subscription box with a watch that matches their personal style. Those who prefer more luxurious models can upgrade their Watch Gang subscription. The quality watches are always offered at a price lower than retail. Welcome to the club!

Deals start at $50 monthly

9. The Tie Bar

Subscription boxes for men - The Tie Bar

Watches are not the only way men add flair to their outfits, and clothing subscription boxes are not about just socks. Some prefer to express their style using a selection of ties. The Tie Bar offers carefully curated bow ties, regular ties, skinny ties, and extra-long ties.

Subscribers may opt for a six-month or year-long plan.It will cost you $99 for a 6-month subscription

10. SprezzaBox


Why choose between a watch and a tie when you can have both and more? SprezzaBox provides carefully selected watches, ties, sunglasses, socks, and other accessories. These handsome pieces are offered at much less than their retail price. The resident stylists do such an amazing job that the packages sell out quickly, and this monthly subscription service already boasts loads of positive reviews. Plus, because boxes are frequently replenished, subscribers are always treated to new options.

Deals start at $28 per month

11. Basic Man

Subscription boxes for men - Basic Man

Here’s another great example of a clothing subscription box for men. Trust Basic Man to deliver the goodies. This subscription box takes comfort to the next level with high-quality pieces made of ultra-soft and natural fabrics. Every month, subscribers receive a matching set of shirts, boxer briefs, and socks.

The most amazing part is that it will cost you as little as $20 per month

12. Menlo Club


Let’s face it. Most men could use some style pick-me-up. Menlo Club is here to get the job done. Men in dire fashion emergencies need only to indicate their preferred style, size, and fit, and a stylist at this subscription service will put together the perfect mix of clothing and accessories. 

Menlo Club subscribers are entitled not only to the curated packages but also to discounts at the Menlo House e-Commerce store, access to member-only items, and free shipping.

The monthly styling fee starts at $60.

13. Mouth

Subscription boxes for men - Mouth

Of course our list of the best men’s subscription boxes would be incomplete without a food box. Fair enough, as some men’s taste buds require as much indulgence as their outward appearance. From the gratifying crunch of munchies to the intoxicating flavors of mixers, Mouth has just the right boxes to satisfy the most discerning of palates.

Putting together mouth-watering goodies created by the best small-batch food makers across the US, Mouth proudly offers the following types of boxes: 

  • Cocktails Every Month – a delightful mix of happy-hour recipes and small-batch cocktail drinks 
  • Pickles Every Month – a collection of the best pickles in America and some treats on the side (plump pickled tomatoes, anyone?)
  • Mouth Every Month – an assortment of cocktail drinks, pickle treats, and snack items like chocolate bars and artisan popcorn 

Deals start at $54 per month.

14. Trunk Club

Trunk Club Would Like You To Dress Better, Increase Your “Style Aptitu

Another great clothing subscription box to get you styled up. As with other leading style subscriptions, your journey starts with answering a couple of questions about your fit, style, and of course your budget. Then, you’ll chat with a stylist to figure out what clothes are best for you. Next, Trunk Club sends you a digital preview, and you have 48 hours to approve or modify it. When you get your box, you have five days to make a decision on which items to keep and which to return.

Prices start at $40 per box.

15. Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post

Don’t know what type of subscription box to choose? Hesitating between socks and grooming products? Then you’ll love receiving customized packages, and Bespoke Post has just the right deal. 

Bespoke Post offers practically every type of themed box conceivable, from all-in-one grooming kits and shoe care packages to liquor-aging tools and pro-level cocktail mixers. Simply hop on their site, take the quiz that tells them what you like, and they’ll put together the best box for you!

Deals start at $45 per box. By the way, you can get a code to 25% off your first box.

16. Beachly

Subscription boxes for men - Beachly

If you’re the type who finds every excuse to escape to the beach, this subscription box is for you. Beachly lets you flex your coastal style with beach-inspired apparel and accessories delivered four times a year. The box is complete with swimming trunks, t-shirts, flip flops, hats, and sunglasses. Subscribers get the chance to score the items at less than half their retail price! 

Deals start at $85 per quarter.

17. Gentleman’s Box


Now, if you’re the type who refuses to be boxed into a specific style, then the Gentleman’s Box is the perfect subscription for you.

This subscription provider cooks up a different style for every season. Past boxes have offered formal, London, coastal, and wanderer themes. Delivering a combined value of no less than $300, each ‘edition’ provides four to six premium products, such as high-grade leather goods, classy socks, luxury home essentials, and first-rate electronics. Each Gentleman’s Box package contains a booklet that explains the style inspiration.

Deals start at $35 per delivery. You can also get a code to save 20% off your first box.

18. Dollar Shave Club

Subscription boxes for men - Dollar Shave Club

You must have heard of Dollar Shave Club, and now it’s time to finally give it a try! Your GQ style won‘t be doing you any favors if you’re not well-groomed. Good grooming remains to be the essential ingredient to looking great, and you can count on the Dollar Shave Club to keep you well-equipped. 

The list of the most popular subscription boxes for men is never complete without this chart-topper. Dollar Shave Club has done a great job of helping men stock up on shaving supplies, shower products, toothpaste, and other grooming essentials. By the way, it’s a popular option for a Father’s Day gift. The best part is that their plans are super affordable! 

Welcome to the club! A monthly box starts at $5. 

19. BattlBox


Can’t get enough of the outdoors?

BattlBox brings monthly surprises with boxes full of camping essentials and survival tools. Subscribers who choose the basic option receive three to seven carefully selected items like quality outdoor gear, survival manuals, and emergency supplies. Those who opt for the advanced packages receive premium items like tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks.

Deals start at $30 per month.

20. Loot Crate

Subscription boxes for men - Lootcrate

Do you like to keep up with the latest in pop culture? You’ll find there’s a lot to love about Loot Crate. From Marvel and Harry Potter to manga and anime, this subscription box has goodies for every fan base. Their wide selection of monthly crates ensures that fans get their fix of games, collectibles, and apparel.

Loot Crate deals start at $10 per month.

21. Zingerman’s Bacon Club

Zingerman’s Bacon Club

Look who’s bringing home the bacon! Zingerman’s Bacon Club delivers pieces of heaven to bacon lovers every month. Out to capture hearts, the packages include artisan bacon, histories, stories, recipes, and bacon-related goodies. These delectable treats have caused even the most devoted vegetarians to fall off the bandwagon. Most subscribers, however, are willing victims. Favorable customer reviews prove that the club is really worth entering.

Deals start at $100 per plan.

22. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Even the most laidback of men have bitten into the healthy lifestyle frenzy. What’s not to love about feeling stronger with a healthy body? 

Make meal prepping simple and straightforward with Daily Harvest’s subscription box. The offerings include harvest bowls, chia parfaits, smoothies, and lattes. You can opt for keto-friendly, gluten-free, or vegan dishes. You may also choose between a weekly and monthly plan. 

Deals start at $48 per plan.

23. BBQ Box

Subscription boxes for men - BBQ Box

Do you live for a good barbeque? Then welcome to the club — you’re sure to find comfort in the BBQ Box. Each month brings exciting surprises for grill masters: award-winning marinades, spices, snacks, wood chips, and planks. A recipe accompanies the goodies to ensure magic happens on the grill.

Deals start at $24 per month.

24. HelloFresh


Do you love gourmet food but don’t have the patience to labor over meals in the kitchen? You don’t have to be adept at meal planning or precision cooking to treat yourself to fancy meals. 

Ideal for men with discerning taste, HelloFresh offers easy-to-prepare chef-created meals complete with nutritional information and ingredients sourced straight from the farm. 

You get to choose between a family plan, classic plan, and veggie plan. Feel free to skip weeks, change recipes, or cancel the plan anytime! The service constantly receives good reviews, so don’t hesitate to give it a go!

Deals start at $9 per serving.

25. Breo Box

Breo Box Review: a Fun Subscription Box for Discovering Cool Stuff

Breo Box is a quarterly subscription specializing in the best tech and lifestyle stuff. Each box focuses on an experience where fun meets practicality: you’ll adore the selection of home-good, lifestyle, or fitness items matching the season. What’s more, your items are packed in a reusable wooden crate, making it especially eco-friendly. Breo Box has won plenty of enthusiastic reviews — folks really loved Bluetooth earbuds, a portable LED projector, a FujiFilm Instax camera, and a lot of other cool stuff.

Deals start at $159.00 per quarter.

26. Trade Coffee

Most popular subscription boxes for men - Trade Coffee

Sure, you can’t be bothered with knowing the difference between a latte and a macchiato, but you know good coffee when you taste one. And you simply can’t operate at your best without your liquid energy.

Trade Coffee has curated the best brews for you, so you won’t have to wade through confusing coffee house parlance. They deliver fantastic coffee flavors sourced from the top roasters in the US. Simply take Trade Coffee’s coffee matching quiz, and they’ll personalize the boxes to match your unique preference. 

Deals start at $60 per plan. Also, you can get 30% off your first box, plus free shipping.

By Yuriy S
Сontent creator at Subbly