Add Recurring Payments or Subscription Billing to Wix

Wix's own Wix Payments function allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and payments via iDeal and Pay Now by Klarna - but is unfortunately not available to all users.

However, they do also state that you can use Stripe, Paypal, and Istracard to facilitate recurring payments and subscription boxes.

Subscription billing and recurring payments don't seem to be a core focus of Wix's offering. Luckily, you can quickly and easily embed your Subbly subscription checkout on a Wix store. We will even install the checkout for you for free, if you need help.

Don’t take our word for it! Check other people’s experiences with Subbly HERE on Capterra, as well as what customers have to say about Wix HERE.

It's also worth looking at what people are saying on one of the biggest subscription entrepreneur Facebook groups below.

Subbly really is built subscription-first. While you'd need a lot of plugins and connectors to start off on other platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, here, it's all built right in.

Charmaine Merriweather
Founder & Owner of HUES Book Box

Before I found Subbly I never had the ability or finances to have a subscription business platform which could meet my needs and expectations. Subbly has been there for me every step of the way!

Founder and CEO @ BathBox

Everything was so straightforward, the support team are AMAZING, I would not have been able to launch without Subbly.

Founder and CEO @ Little Bakers Club

We’ve used the software for over 3 years and it keeps getting better. It has everything you need to easily run a successful subscription box business!

Co-founder @ Buster Box

Subbly is straightforward and easy to use. Designing your site is simple and allows you to control your entire business from one place.

Founder and CEO @ Model Box

Before using Wix for subscriptions, consider this

Wix has recently released a Wix Payments option for select users on their platform. If you're eligible to use it, before you upgrade, this is what you should know.

Some people believe Subbly and Wix are direct competitors. But this isn’t entirely true. Subbly was built as an eCommerce subscription platform first and included a website builder as a feature, whereas Wix was built as a website builder solution first, only later adding eCommerce tools with features for subscription businesses.

Many people aren’t aware that Subbly and Wix can be used together! You can use Wix to build your website and Subbly as your subscription plug-in – in fact, hundreds of Wix website owners already do this.You can read about how you can use Subbly and Wix together in detail here.

The integration, while simple, has its own drawbacks, although our excellent support staff is always available to help you with it. For this reason, many people prefer to use a single platform for everything.

Pros of Wix’s Subscription Billing System

Wix’s strength lies in its primary product: their website builder. It is very widely used and respected in the industry, and for good reason. Their website builder includes a large database of available free templates and an easy to use, drag-and-drop style. This allows Wix users to create beautiful, professional looking websites in minutes with no design or coding experience. And, if you get stuck along the way, you can always hire a Wix expert that will help you set up your page (for an additional cost). This is undoubtedly Wix’s greatest strength and the main reason it’s being used by millions of users.


Wix has a huge list of integrations, some of which are free, allowing for more flexibility and capability. Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Printful, and smile are only some of the apps which have been developed by Wix themselves.


Wix can be used as an eCommerce platform. They do quite well as a store selling simple products. However, if you want to sell complex products, including subscriptions, there may be issues (skip down to the ‘Cons’ section below for more). Product variants for one-time orders are supported and they have great inventory management, and automated email notifications for automated order and stock management.


Wix can be used by many different business types including merchants who sell both physical and digital products.

Cons of Wix’s Subscription Billing System

If you want to sell subscription products, Wix unfortunately falls short.


Using Wix’s native subscription app (Wix Pricing Plans) will only get you so far. Creating customized billing and shipping cycles is limited, which in turn limits your ability to run a successful subscription business using Wix’s infrastructure. This is why many Wix users look elsewhere for solutions.


With Wix, you can set your products for recurring payments, but only billing/shipping cycles as weekly, monthly, or annually. This restricts your flexibility and control if you are selling a more complex offering. Other features missing, which you’ll find are often necessary, include the ability to customize checkout flows, activate upsell and cross-sell funnels, or implement trial and pre-ordering functionality. You’ll find that all of these are almost necessary when selling a subscription product.


Businesses can be everything to everyone, but sometimes your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. In this case, Wix have a free, easy to use website builder that allows you to quickly launch a website. The free plan only gives you access to the most basic features, and you can't even connect your own website address (domain). Ads will be placed on your website on the free plan. So you’ll end up having to upgrade quickly to a paid plan if you want to take things seriously.

In addition, eCommerce wasn’t Wix's original core focus, so even though it’s been added on, it lacks strong capabilities, in particular subscription and recurring payments, which you evidently need if you’re reading this page. Generally, what we find Wix users do is combine it with another platform, or add-ons. This will increase your overall cost and maintenance complexity compared to simply using an all-in-one solution like Subbly.

When to use?


  • If you own or want to start a blog or easily build a marketing page for your business.
  • If you need many apps/integrations on your website (for example: forum, comments section)
  • If you don’t mind the complexity and additional cost of using Wix as a web builder and another app for eCommerce and subscription features.


  • If you want to build a professional looking website to showcase and sell products on a recurring basis (and one-time sales).
  • If you want an all-in-one eCommerce solution with some important integrations.
  • If you have a great looking website already and need more robust and complete features for selling subscriptions.

Best-in-Class Support

We invest heavily in customer support because we know this can be technical and everyone’s skills in this area varies.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs have already used our payment system to set up recurring payments or a subscription box on Wix. Our customer support is obsessed with making your Wix subscription box a success. Or if you don’t have a box and just want to set up recurring payments on your Wix store instead, we also make it a breeze.

Wix or Subbly

Wix is a great website builder, and Subbly is a great recurring payment and subscription checkout. It’s a match made in heaven. But for a heavy-duty, subscription-optimized website, Subbly's web builder is also a fantastic option.

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