CrateChef switched to Subbly from Shopify and Recharge

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CrateChef is a food-themed subscription box that themes each edition after a different culinary icon.






About CrateChef

From legendary chefs and cookbook authors to superstar restaurateurs and food bloggers, each CrateChef box contains a range of items representing a sampling of the featured person’s favourite things, like shelf-stable pantry products, kitchen gadgets, and more!

The Challenge

Committed to the subscription business model since day one — with an award from The SUBTA Cube Awards already under their belts — CrateChef’s founders knew they needed a robust tech stack to help them achieve their lofty goals.

Their first port of call involved a hybrid implementation of Shopify and Recharge, but it wasn’t long before they knew that this wasn’t ideal in the long run, and the search for a truly subscription-first solution was on.

Fortunately, after meeting the Subbly team at SubSummit 2023, CrateChef’s founders found themselves with a much easier decision to make.

The Solution

CrateChef’s founders quickly got to work, keeping their momentum high as they switched their website over to Subbly’s flexible builder, and used Subscription Switch to ensure a seamless transition for their existing long-term subscribers.

Subbly also allowed them a huge degree of flexibility to help them smooth the transition for their customers, including the ability to create custom ad-hoc ordering options for previous pre-paid subscribers.

The Results

Just over a year later, CrateChef is still going strong with Subbly, moving all their subscribers over with minimal friction and achieving their largest sale event ever shortly after launching their new website.

Continuing to grow every day, CrateChef has established themselves within their niche as the equivalent of getting a gourmet gift from a top-quality culinary legend delivered straight to your doorstep — an experience that’s been easier to deliver than ever with Subbly by their side.

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