Newport Protective Club switched from WooCommerce & WordPress to improve their membership management process.


Newport Protective Club is a private members' club and bar that was originally opened in 1904.







About Newport Protective Club

Breathing new life into a historical building that had been operating as a clubhouse since the turn of the century, Newport Protective Club is a members-only venue with a particularly interesting and industrious clientele.

Newport Protective Club's original historic premises

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The Challenge

Every private club needs a robust system to create a seamlessly exclusive-feeling experience for their members, and Newport Protective Club was no exception.

Originally opting for a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to enrol their members, it didn't take long before the manual nature of the process began to drag on the club's growth.

After plans for a custom Toast plugin fell through, not having met their needs, the hunt was on - and as the saying goes, the third time was the charm!

Newport Protective Club members' merch

The Solution

The founders quickly spoke to a few of their entrepreneurial friends - one of who recommended Subbly.

Receiving their friend's tip with open arms, Newport Protective Club's founders got started on the migration process, which was quick and easy, even with a backlog in the hundreds.

The interior of Newport Protective Club

The Results

Now, with all their old members switched over to Subbly, and with a significant amount of extra time on their hands now they've eliminated the bulk of their manual onboarding work, Newport Protective Club are poised for success.

Newport Protective Club is a perfect example of how not every successful subscription-first business has to be a monthly box. Whatever you're providing access to, whether it's entry to a space, benefits for members using that space, or an invitation to a world-class community - just like Newport Protective Club - an all-in-one platform that allows you to set everything up will make your growth journey easier.

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